Analysing the 2023 Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid

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Rewind to 2022 and Suzuki’s new generation S- Cross SUV arrived in the UK.

Car Reviewed: Suzuki S-Cross 1.5 Full Hybrid AGS AllGrip Ultra

This new shape model entered the fray as a capable, practical 1.4-litre turbocharged 48V mild hybrid with a keen starting price of £24,999. You can read our first impressions here.

This was a significant and welcome update for the S-Cross, with bold new styling and an improved powertrain to give it fresh appeal on the road.

Now comes the 1.5-litre Full Hybrid S-Cross model to further broaden the range. No turbos this time, but a 140V hybrid powertrain with EV mode extends the model’s green credentials. Prices now start at £26,749.

While the 1.4-litre Mild Hybrid S-Cross system acts broadly as a neat, efficient engine boost device, the 1.5-litre Full Hybrid S-Cross cycles through different running modes, including that pure EV mode, with no tailpipe emissions at all.

You also get to choose between Standard or Eco modes, with the latter increasing the frequency of the car’s EV running.

There is no Plug-In, however, and keen drivers might still prefer the Mild Hybrid S-Cross, which is both faster and lighter. That said, the Full Hybrid packs the more sophisticated eco-orientated powertrain and once again, Suzuki’s trademark AllGrip 4×4 system is standard on top models in the range.

On the subject of which, Suzuki has once again mercifully kept things simple and straightforward.

There is, for instance, no sad and lonely base model, devoid of equipment, propping up the range as a ‘price leader.’ There are just two model grades, Motion and Ultra and in both cases, kit levels are generous.

Dual-zone air con, 17in alloy wheels, reversing camera, LED headlights, keyless entry and a 7-9 in centre display with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more, all feature with the Motion Pack, which is impressive.

You need to go Ultra to get leather seats, a panoramic sunroof and the AllGrip 4×4 system, but that will set you back £31,549.

There is another factor. When it comes to a new product, Suzuki has long been about simplicity, competitive pricing and value for money as a way of connecting with the customer. This is the Suzuki way; over time, it’s proven a highly successful strategy in the marketplace.

Suzuki, for instance, goes a long way on real-world issues, such as how much your new car is actually going to cost and what you get for the money. Also, how much can you save versus competitor models on your monthly fuel bill?

Suzuki is not the first car maker to actively compare model-for-model vs rivals, but the emphasis on cost-saving is far from the norm across the car industry.

Today, however, and especially in the middle of a severe cost-of-living crisis, it’s undoubtedly another adept link in the chain to win over customers and close the sale.

Author Rating 3.7/5

Car reviewed: Suzuki S-Cross 1.5 Full Hybrid AGS 4×4

on the road prices start at £26,749 as tested £31,549

  • 0-62mph 13.5secs
  • Top speed 108mph
  • Mechanical 1462cc petrol with hybrid powertrain
  • Fuel Economy WLTP Combined 54.3mpg
  • Power 115PS@6000rpm
  • Torque 138Nm4400rpm
  • Dimensions MM 4300 L / 1785 W / 1585 H
  • CO2 emissions NEDC combined 132g/km
  • Transmission 6 speed AGS Automated manual, All-Grip 4×4
  • Bootspace 293 | 665 litres seats down

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