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Citroen DS 3 Cabrio Review – Lighten Your Life

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The Citroen DS3 Cabrio, a convertible for all weathers

The car tested was the Citroen DS 3 Cabrio DSport THP 155 6 speed manual in Polar White with Infinite Blue Roof

The DS 3 is one of Citroen’s Premium DS range bringing style in abundance. One of the first to introduce those smart daylight running lights added in a cool slanted fashion. The interior positively modern and cool looking, none off that retro feeling, high gloss black and purple in this car with purple seats, it all feels well built, soft touch finishes, well designed and considered from every angle.

Driving the Citroen DS3 Cabrio Review on Drive

The DS 3 Cabrio now adds to all the fun of the Citroen DS 3, a popular favourite amongst small cars. I like this cabrio, it is for all weathers, great for these early Autumn and Spring days, those days that most cabrios and convertibles keep the roof firmly up. One press of the overhead switch and the roof goes back, with a choice of three settings, the first like opening a sunroof, the second takes the roof right back to the rear window, neatly folding the purple fabric and still allowing vision through the rear window. The third folds the rear window down but not really far enough so you have no rearward vision except through the mirrors. Overall the cabrio roof works well and for all weathers and the speedy ability to get the roof open in a few seconds is great with our british springtime showers and the coming of Autumn.

Drive Reviews the Citroen DS3 Cabriolet

The engine has a brilliant revvy feeling and makes the car feel light and really easy to drive. Pretty zippy with 0-62 mph of 8.2 secs with the 1.4 turbo unit developing 156ps, mid range torque of 177lb ft is available from a low 1400rpm giving you a low down and mid range punch. The car always feels brisk and the handling is super sharp, fun, fun, fun and with the easy opening cabrio roof adding another dimension. The energetic engine is never too noisy or intrusive and even as a cabriolet there is no noticeable loss of stiffness to the structure.

It is also welcome to have the ability to close the roof at up to 75mph as the showers close in. The hood works well, with no real buffeting at speeds up to 70mph. There is a useful automatic wind deflector built in above the windshield which closes itself as the roof is retracted. For the colder months it is all very well insulated and and secure, almost feeling like the standard DS3. You may wish for a roof that opens more on a warm summer day, but it seems these days convertible drivers often keep the roofs up using the aircon on the hottest days.


All DS 3 models can be uniquely styled right down to the key fob with an absolutely huge arrange of colour choices for roof, body, interior trim – no two DS3’s should be the same.  I personally wouldn’t buy the white model, only because there are so many of them on the road and I am not big on car washing.

The interior is very well styled, quality and details abound,  this is one car where the use of the shiny piano black and gloss look really great, easy to keep clean and bringing a real sense of style.  Switches are all firm and easy to operate, I particularly liked the steering wheel styling and the cool reflective DS badge. The infinite blue colour in the car driven looked quite special. Access to the back seats of the car was very good with very wide opening doors and an easy to tip action to gain access. One small thing for me, the look of the in car entertainment looked a bit average and could be styled more in keeping with the interior as they do in MINI although sound quality was good and it was easy to work.

The DS 3 Cabrio can still carry five but boot is fairly large but access to it is a bit letterbox style. It is more than adequate for the shopping and the boot size is still class leading. but that isnt the real reason you would buy this car.

The car tested was the Citroen DS 3 Cabrio DSport THP 155 6-Speed Manual

Drive Verdict – Popular DS 3 range made even better, a neat performer

Tech spec:

Price £19,680 on the road.

With extras as tested £21,950 included further options of DSport Plus Pack £975, eMyWay Signature £800, Metallic Paint £495

Max Power: 155 bhp @ 6000rpm

Max Torque: 177 Lb ft@ 1400rpm

Max Speed 132 mph

Acceleration: 0-62 mph in 8.2 seconds

Claimed MPG: Urban 35.3,  Extra Urban 58.9,  Combined 47.9

CO2 Emissions 137g/km

VED Band E VED –  £125 per annum

Insurance Group – 23E

Service intervals – 20000 miles

NCAP Safety Rating – TBA


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