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The Honda E Review / First UK Drives

In Car Reviews, First Drives, Honda by Kieran Bicknell

Cheeky, Charming, Characterful – These are all words that could be used to perfectly describe the all-new Honda E. It’s cheeky charming aside, the Honda E is a very capable city car indeed. Its diminutive size makes it perfect for parking, while the front and rear wheels have been pushed as far outwards as possible, meaning the car has a …

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Honda NSX – An everyday supercar

In Car Reviews, Honda by Maggie Barry

IT’S a hybrid folks – but not as we know it. If you want your next hybrid car to be small and practical, look away now. For the Honda NSX is neither of these things – indeed it’s one of the widest cars on the road – but it is the kind of beautiful car you will look at twice, …

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My all-time favourite week in 25 years of writing about cars

In BMW, Car Reviews, Featured Articles, Ford, Honda, Kia by Neil Lyndon

A week that includes the Kia Stinger, BMW’s i8 Roadster and the BMW M5 Competition, Honda’s Civic Type R and not one but three Honda NSXs might be offered as a top prize in a charity auction for which enthusiasts would bid thousands. Even to me, jaded and cynical as I may be, this felt like a working week that was utterly remote from the ordinary. In fact, it may have been my all-time favourite week in 25 years of writing about cars. Neil Lyndon remembers the week that was… READ MORE

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The 2019 Honda Civic 4-Door Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Honda by Tom Scanlan

‘Dare to be different!’ says Honda. Well, you would be if you bought its latest Civic in 4-door form. It’s the first time a Civic has been produced as such for the UK market and will, in fact, most likely be found in relatively small numbers as company, rather than privately-owned, vehicles. Depending on how high up the executive chain you are, then it will be either the 6-speed manual version or the 9-speed automatic. Tom Scanlan reviews the New Honda Civic 4-door…Read More