Mazda CX-5 Demo of Smart City Brake Support (SCBS)

In Car Reviews by Jonathan Humphrey

Demo video of the New Mazda CX-5 with Smart City Brake Support which now comes as standard on all models

At the recent launch of the Mazda CX-5 in the Highlands, journalists were required to demo the SCBS system which now comes as standard on the Mazda CX-5. The new car includes all the latest Mazda SKY-ACTIV technology which is to be included in all new Mazda models.

An accident avoidance system which helps minims the imapact of low speed collisions. the system is operated by a laser which continually analyses the closing speed to a vehicle or obstacle in front. It then lowers the speed and brakes as necessary.

In the demo we were required to drive at 20mph at the obstruction pretending as if we never noticed the oncoming obstacle. We were told not to touch the brakes or clutch, something quite unsettling when you are heading to an obstacle that you know is there and a fine hotel just yards in front.  The Mazda CX-5 then came to an abrupt and safe stop inches away from the wall.

These features can only help us all with driving more safely and this system I am sure will be future bonus for all drivers.

More can be found about Mazda CX-5 advanced safety features HERE our review on the Mazda CX-5 will be available soon.

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