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All-New Suzuki S-Cross Mild Hybrid reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Neil Lyndon

A buyer’s rule of thumb for all Suzuki cars should be this: “The bigger and more expensive they come, the more ordinary they appear to be: the smaller and cheaper they are, the more weird and wonderful”. Car model reviewed : Suzuki S-Cross 1.4 Boosterjet Mild Hybrid Ultra AllGrip At the top of Suzuki’s range, for size, cost and ordinariness …

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Honda HR-V e:HEV, simple, uncluttered and striking

In Car Reviews, Honda by Peter Nunn

Honda’s HR-V, one of the original compact SUVs, has come a long way over the past 20-something years. Car tested: Honda HR-V e:HEV Advance Now there’s a brand new Honda HR-V, the car you see here and once again, Honda has torn up the form book to produce something fascinatingly, willfully different from what’s gone before. For a start, the …

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Kia Stonic GT-Line S 48V Mild Hybrid

In Car Reviews, Kia by Neil Lyndon

Why Stonic? As a name for a car, it buzzes with unfortunate associations. Why not go the whole hedgehog and call the thing Sonic? Or Colonic? Car Tested: Kia Stonic ‘GT-Line S’ 1.0 T-GDi 48v DCT We borrowed the £23950 top-of-the-line GT-Line S version with 118 bhp three-cylinder one-litre 48v mild-hybrid power and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (funny to think that …

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Maserati Levante Trofeo SUV, because it’s worth it

In Car Reviews, Maserati, SUV by Tom Scanlan

An Experience, with a capital E, that’s Maserati for you. The almighty Levante Trofeo Edition is the ultimate. Consequently, there’s no point in suggesting to a would-be Maser purchaser that they could get a similar car for half the price. No, that’s not what the Levante Trofeo is about. What it IS about is the way it performs and the …

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Power for the people

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Mazda by Neil Lyndon

It tells you something about the way the world is moving these days… For the first 80 years of the development of the automobile, the most important considerations for customers and critics were design and the means of propulsion. Over the last 40 years, those features have been progressively displaced in importance by technological developments. The introduction of the microprocessor …

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Ford Mustang Mach 1, endangered or extinct?

In Car Reviews, Ford by Neil Lyndon

Is it like a rhino – a specimen of an endangered species that deserves protection? Or, should it be seen as a dinosaur – the representative of already extinct genus? In its way, this development is as poignant as the moment when the steam train or the transatlantic liner were overtaken by events. It is sad to think that our …

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Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid 2022 reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Suzuki by Tom Scanlan

Suzuki takes pride in saying that every model in their line-up is some sort of hybrid. Now, the Vitara Full Hybrid joins the range Suzuki also tells us that, comparing the Vitara to the twenty-three cars that are in the same compact SUV segment, its cars have the fullest list of equipment and features that are provided as standard. Their …

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Mustang Mach-E, it’s time for a new Mustang, Sally

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Ford by Jonathan Humphrey

We all knew Ford eventually would join the Electric Car rush and now with the Mach-E and with many more EVs to come, Ford is one to keep an eye on Car Reviewed: The Mustang Mach-E AWD 1 Speed Auto What could have been more creative than taking the Mustang brand to more users by building a rather clever electric …