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Ford Kuga ST-line X Edition, a compact SUV

In Car Reviews, Ford by Neil Lyndon

I couldn’t help but whistle aloud when I looked at the spec sheet for the new Ford Kuga ST-Line X Edition and saw the all-in price for the first time. Answer: emphatically yes. This Kuga is so loaded with good stuff and outstanding qualities that it stands in a class apart – as is made manifest straight away by the …

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Genesis GV80 luxury SUV, something different

In Car Reviews, Genesis by Maggie Barry

It was probably not how Genesis bosses planned to bring Europe’s attention to their new brand. Now Genesis has finally brought their cars to the UK, so we can now see for ourselves what this big, robust SUV is made of. Well, we know it’s safe – Tiger proved that – and the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety count …

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Maserati Ghibli Trofeo, an unmissable V8

In Car Reviews, Maserati, Speed, Supercars by Tom Scanlan

Where do the superlatives begin? Maserati owners are perhaps a different breed to other supercar people. I mean, why didn’t they buy a Ferrari, or Lamborghini or AMG Mercedes or McLaren, Porsche, or so on? Then refine it to a four-door saloon, in this case, Maserati’s Ghibli Trofeo. But comparisons, they say, are odious and so here, simply, are a …

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Lamborghini Urus, is it the Ultimate SUV?

In Car Reviews, Lamborghini, Speed, Supercars by Robin Roberts

Without a doubt, the Lamborghini Urus is the ultimate “boys toy.”  While Lamborghini’s ultra-low sports cars have long been associated with the brand, this is a significant step forward from the agricultural vehicles the company started building in 1948 before transitioning to sports cars to compete with Ferrari in the 1960s. Ferrari, ironically, is now working on an SUV of …

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Kia Ceed GT, a hot hatch to warm to

In Car Reviews, Kia by Kieran Bicknell

The Kia Ceed GT has always been somewhat of a hidden gem. Note that I say enthusiast – for 90% of people, a standard Kia Ceed will do absolutely everything you want it to do and more, with the backing of Kia’s seven-year warranty and robust Korean engineering. But, for those of a more performance-oriented nature, there was only ever …

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Audi Q4 e-tron 40, a fabulous electric SUV

In Audi, Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars by Neil Lyndon

It’s that awards time of year again. When autumn comes… Even so, I apply myself seriously to the task because I know that the results make a difference to customers’ choices and, therefore, to sales.  The European Car of the Year – perhaps the motoring award with the most dubious record for impartiality and probity – can add hundreds of …

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The Audi Q2 35 TSFI S Line S Tronic, enjoy the drive

In Audi, Car Reviews by Maggie Barry

Driving into and across the city in the Audi Q2 compact SUV, the sun was rising over Glasgow. The pink morning sun lit it up splendidly. Its towers and spires glittered and windows in the high buildings sparkled. Glasgow’s beautiful sandstone architecture burned in the soft early light. All was well with the world – and with this lovely car …

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Honda Jazz e:HEV, pretty nifty

In Car Reviews, Honda, Hybrid by Robin Roberts

The Honda Jazz e:HEV, a lot more car than you bargained for. The Jazz is like a transport Tardis, thanks to its nifty Magic Seats, which can hold three passengers in the back and fold entirely flat to transform the vehicle into a van-type carrier. Any competitors can’t do that in this segment.  From about £19,000 to £24,600, the new …

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Honda HR-V Hybrid, a sophisticated SUV

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Honda by Maggie Barry

Honda drivers are a loyal lot – and who can blame them? Will the new Honda HR-V Hybrid carry on the tradition? And now they have a further option with the recently revamped and beautifully upgraded Honda HR-V. Previously not known for its great style, the HR-V has now emerged as an elegant and sophisticated SUV with a long bonnet …

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Kia EV6 GT-Line 77.4kWh – A pleasure to drive

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Kia by Tom Scanlan

The Kia EV6 proves that electric cars are just getting better and better; still, a pity the UK’s charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up! So: ‘range anxiety, the other bugbear — compared with the competition, is I am glad to say, significantly eliminated in the Kia EV6 range. My 95-mile drive in a mid-range GT-line rear-wheel-drive version (£43,945) started off with …