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Reviewed | Škoda Superb iV SE Technology Hatch

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

In this crazy world we live in, many test cars aren’t getting the thorough workout they deserve. Would this be the case for the Škoda Superb iV? So, when the day arrived, I was keen to get some quality ‘seat time’ in the iV. Being the Superb plug-in version, it has a very usable EV range combined with the conventional …

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Honda Jazz Crosstar, an ideal small car

In Car Reviews, Honda, Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

I could not have imagined that the new Honda Jazz could be made closer to my ideal of a small car. And then along comes the Crosstar EX version to make me think again. Now I’ve got to change my tune. The Crosstar is even more completely the car we need. All I’ve got to do is persuade ‘erindoors. I …

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Reviewed | Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet Hybrid SZ5 4wd

In Car Reviews, Green Motoring, Hybrid, Suzuki by Neil Lyndon

Somebody ought to write a PhD thesis about Suzuki as a case study for a Business Management course. They seem to spend no money on marketing. Can you remember ever seeing a Suzuki ad on tv or on a billboard? I can’t call a single one to mind from the last 50 years. They don’t waste money showing off at …

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Škoda Kodiaq SE L, a perfect choice SUV

In Car Reviews, Skoda by Kieran Bicknell

I love the Škoda Kodiaq. It’s a big brute of an SUV with more capacity and space than I could ever feasibly need. So, I decided in the interest of fairness; I should test the 2.0 TDi version, fitted with the DSG transmission. The spec is the same – both cars were in mid-range SE L trim which is the ‘sweet …

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Cupra Formentor V1 150PS, a sporty SUV

In Car Reviews, Cupra, Seat by Tom Scanlan

Shut up! Please don’t say it! The Cupra Formentor is not a SEAT! So, actually, not a coincidence, just the fact that the Formentor (the start-off car in the Cupra story) is a Cupra, not a sporty SUV by SEAT. As it happens, the Cupra Formentor is not un-sporty. To drive, it is on a par with anything in its …

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BMW X2 xDrive25e a clever, sporty, pricey eco contender

In BMW, Car Reviews, Hybrid by Peter Nunn

When it comes to the art of designing new cars, BMW is one manufacturer that’s shown it has plenty in the locker to surprise, delight and intrigue. Welcome to the BMW X2 xDrive25e At the same time, there are some fine BMWs out there that seem to fly under the radar a touch. One such contender might be the X2 …

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Focus ST-Line X Edition Hybrid Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Ford, Hybrid by Neil Lyndon

Nothing beats a good Focus. That wisdom – which my own parents signally failed to relay to me – came to mind last week when I was lucky enough to have the new Focus ST-Line X Edition hybrid at my house for test. This one comes with a 1.0T EcoBoost Hybrid and six-speed manual powertrain. The total power output of …

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The All-New Kia Sorento: The Best SUV

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Kia by Kieran Bicknell

The Sorento has sat proudly at the top of Kias’ SUV range for several years now, and it looks set to remain that way with the introduction of the all-new 7-seat Sorento during the latter half of 2020 The design of the Sorento is thoroughly recognisable as a Kia. Still, in my opinion, it stands head-and-shoulders above the rest of …

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, true love

In Alfa Romeo, Car Reviews by Tom Scanlan

URGENT MESSAGE! If you haven’t driven an Alfa Romeo before, read on… The Veloce, visually-distinguished from other Giulias by its black badging and window-surrounds, is the most exotic (the Giulia QV and GTA are different kettles of fish). After all, – a) it’s Italian and b) compared to the competition, few are sold. That means a lot of drivers are …

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The SEAT Leon e-Hybrid FR reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hybrid, Seat by Neil Lyndon

The more time I spent with the Seat Leon e-Hybrid FR, the more I liked it. However, this isn’t the usual story with test cars. However, with this Leon, the relationship began with me in a state not far short of indifference towards the car and ended with me wanting it to stay for a little longer. It’s not much …