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The FairFuelUK Campaign has been gathering pace. Help us to stop the massive fuel price increase. Drive has supported this campaign since the start and it needs YOU.

With less than a week to go to the Budget, we are now seriously concerned that the Government may stick to its plan to increase petrol & diesel prices by adding a massive 16p a gallon (3p/litre fuel duty and VAT combined) increase in a few months time. We urgently need you to help us stop this. Petrol & diesel prices are already at record levels and are still rising. We know that this increase will push many families and businesses over the edge.

What makes this situation even more frustrating, is that we have supplied the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and every MP with independent research that shows that CUTTING fuel taxes would not actually cost the Government any revenue. Even a modest cut of 2.5p per litre would create 175,000 new jobs and boost the economy by 0.33%. The taxes generated from this economic growth would balance out any lost revenue from the fuel duty cut.

Please, even if you have done this before, send a message to your MP CLICK HERE it only takes a minte

We have studied the replies from MPs to our earlier emails and it’s clear that our central campaign message is not getting through. Given the seriousness of the fuel price scandal, and the little time left before the Budget, we have to do all we can to make sure that our voice is heard.

In recent weeks, our number of supporters has grown dramatically – but we need more. The more people we have behind us, the more powerful our voice. Please ask all your family, friends, customers and contacts to sign up Every sign up (and it’s free!) really helps.

Much of our campaigning is done across the internet which enables us to keep costs down whilst reaching out to tens of thousands of people. The best way you can help us have a visible presence as a campaign is to get a campaign sticker. A huge showing of these on the roads and motorways of Britain helps keep this vital issue in the eyes of the media and of the politicians and it helps fund the campaign … get some here …

Thanks for your support as ever…

Quentin Willson & the FairFuelUK Team

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