The Even More Iconic #NewFiat500

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The New Fiat 500 is now on sale in the UK. With 1800 changes made, this global best seller hits the spot once again. New style, new colours, better lights, cool wheels, great seats, better safety, fab dash, great connectivity and even more personalisation. The list goes on and on.

Returning today from the launch of the rather good #NewFiat500. It wasn’t so much a launch as an immersive event in what the Fiat 500 is all about. This car is more than just a small car. A combination of everything currently going on in the world that we like to think about – fashion, style, music, chic, blogging, trending, image, social, fun.

Pixie-Lott-new-Fiat-500-LaunchDuring the day, we had the opportunity to drive various models from the range from Putney into Surrey. Later arriving back to Potters Field London for the special big bang event attended by many celebrities, successful bloggers and journalists including the lovely brilliant Pixie Lott. The main feature was music by the talented Ella Eyre, who performed the old Emotions song ‘Best of My love’, the track to used in the latest commercial for the New Fiat 500.

Amongst many variants of the New Fiat 500 cars was a beautifully restored 1972 Cinquecento. Just completed with brilliant white paintwork and matching black and white seats.

It is now eight years since the launch of the first model that was conceived to follow the success of the original Cinquecento; this year marks 50 years from its launch. With 1.5 million sales of the old models, Fiat is hoping to refresh their buyers with this exciting upgraded car.

Although outwardly the car may not be massively different, you don’t wanna mess too much with a winning formula. Things to note on the exterior are some of the best-looking wheels so far, new headlights and chrome embellishments around the car. The rear light clusters are totally new, a ring style design.

One of the biggest changes is to the dash that has now left its retro looks in the dust. What we have now is now a lot more modern with cool, bold typography and the biggest digits on any speedometer ever seen. Easy to operate, with an easy to use Tomtom satnav and clear, concise buttons and switches.

More personalisation is available with what Fiat have named second skin. A whole raft of colourful wraps in combination with over 100 Fiat Mopar custom accessories.

All the engines are now Euro 6, the 1.3-litre diesel, although not a big seller in the UK arrives later in the year. New Abarth versions will be coming in 2016.

Once again in true Italian fashion, this car will be the bold new statement for discerning Fiat 500 buyers for years to come.

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