First Drive 2014 Ford Tourneo Connect Game Changer

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Back from the First Drives of the New Ford Tourneo Connect the new addition to Ford’s popular range of vans and people carriers

Heavily into launching new cars in the last 12 months, the Ford Tourneo Connect being the eighth. Sometimes cars come out that create their own niche. The ready for anything segment, live life to the full, plenty of storage just chuck it in the back and go. The versatility of this new ‘Lifestyle’ car fills a real need for many families, individuals, clubs and businesses. This new addition from Ford brings more.

Where does the Tourneo Connect fit into the Ford range?

Ford offers people carrier style vehicles in 9 different bodystyles including the C-Max, B-Max, S-Max and Tourneo models. This fills a niche as one of the most functional, practical and honest additions to the range. Both models of the Tourneo bring some of the most flexible features, a range of award winning engines with class leading stowage and enormous sliding rear doors and rear door.

The Tourneo Connect is available in two models the Tourneo Connect 5-Seater and the Grand Tourneo Connect 7, a Full-seven-seater. With three engine options the most popular will be the 95 PS 1.6 diesel. The 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine is available on the 5-seater an excellent engine but a bit sluggish with five on board but for the right owner it brings 56.5 mpg on the extra urban cycle and CO2 emissions of just 129g/km. For economy the 1.6 Duratorq diesel with optional Auto start-stop would be our choice and the most popular. bringing a top speed of 99mph, 95PS  and CO2 emissions of 124g/km and 65.7 mpg combined. There is a smooth and responsive six-speed automatic available on the Petrol Tourneo 5, 1.6 150ps EcoBoost variant although the economy and CO2 emissions are lower.

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Inside the Tourneo feels ‘BIG’, but once you get moving it feels smaller, easy to drive and manoeuvrable. It is odd to have almost an arms length of space above your head, the sheer sky above feels strange until you get used to it combined with the distance the mirror is away. The large panoramic sunroof give the vehicle a particular lightness and spaciousness. This an ideal car for some fractious children with moody teenagers on a long journey or a loaded up leisure weekend away cycling-camping- boating- fishing.

Rear of the New Ford Tourneo Connect

Yes it feels somewhat van-like but in a lot of ways it doesn’t. This is where the vehicle comes into its own and creates its own niche, car-like, well appointed but less fussy than the current crop of SUV’s. It isn’t the same as what you could call its competitors, the Citroen Berlingo or Fiat Doblo, this is larger with a more ‘up-to-date ‘ feel, more like a family car than a weekend vehicle. This is the most functional vehicle if you want maximum space and the Grand Tourneo Connect more than adequately checks that box. Driving the car the large door mirror and large windows make the car light and easy to park.

Ford Tourneo Connect Features

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All the engines are well selected for the vehicles. Sound is very well insulated the large screen does bring a little wind noise, but nothing too much of an issue and it is only really noticeable with the radio off and usually I have it on.

The ride and refinement is impressive with the 16″ standard wheels and the 17″ alloys specced on some of our test cars. I would like to take the family out for a day and see how the travel sickness goes but overall the light and spacious cabin and precise handling should reduce the problem.

The Tourneo Connect has now re-defined space carriers. The Connect now brings new levels of safety with automatic emergency braking Ford’s Active City Stop, Ford Sync emergency assistance, rear view camera and trailer sway assist all as standard.


If you’re the type that regularly shops at a Swedish superstore and can’t get the bounty in the car, goes off for the weekend loaded up with tents, bicycles and offspring, loves fishing, feels like a taxi driver for your sprogs and their bikes, this may be what you have been looking for. Without all the fuss of an SUV easy to load, keep clean, and hey! you can even fit a football in the aircraft style overhead cabin.

Prices start at £14,245 – £20,235 of the top of the range Titanium Spec Grand Tourneo Connect.

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