Goodwood Revival 2012 News – AC Cobra One-Model Race

In Goodwood by Jonathan Humphrey

The Goodwood Revival 2012 organisers have just announced a race between the best AC Cobras ever. The most significant and authentic AC Cobra cars will race at the Goodwood Revival 2012 to be held on the 14th – 16th September.

AC Cobra Race at Goodwood Revival 2012

It is now the 50th anniversary since Carroll Shelby unleashed this cult, wild Anglo American sports car. The race is destined be an action packed 45 minute two-driver feature with pit changes at 15 and 30 minutes. So far it will include 30 Cobras and their derivatives with an exceptional line up of top drivers.

AC Cobras racing in the Goodwood Revival

The AC Cobra Race at the Goodwood Revival

Goodwood has indicated it is hoping Carroll Shelby will be in attendance along with some of the best competition AC Cobras and aerodynamic Cobra based coupés. This race amongst others will make The Goodwood Revival 2012 once again – Top of the List for things to do and be seen at in 2012.

Visit the Goodwood Revival 2012 Website or phone +44 (0)1243 755055 for tickets