The Special Jaguar XF Sportbrake Missing Link

In Jaguar by Jonathan Humphrey

After spending a great day driving all the cars Jaguar and Range Rover have on offer, I have been blown away by the quality, detail, practicality, versatility and overall ‘corporateness’ of the latest cars and 4x4s.  

This car now adds a fresh inspired missing link to the Jaguar range – The Jaguar XF Sportbrake. The car has been unveiled ahead of its launch at the Geneva Motor Show.


Clearly based on the XF Saloon the XF Sportbrake is just 5mm longer and it now weighs 70kg less. The car offers a huge loadspace of 1675 litres. Performance and handling closely matching the popular and acclaimed XF.

The car offers a complete, practical and versatile solution, remote levers are available to lower the rear seats, so no more laying down in thte boot trying to reach them, LEDs light up the ground surrounding the load area, the tailgate has a soft close function, no slamming needed! The boot includes a sectioned panel that enables smaller loads to be stowed and safely transported, a tray under the boot floor also help with more valuable items.

Every panel on the XF Sportbrake, from the B-Pillar rearwards has been re-designed. The strong silver signature line which runs the length of the car is extended while the C-Pillar is finished in a gloss black, shared with the XJ saloon. Slim rear light units extend into a strong chrome crossmember that finishes the rear of the car.

The car features extensive changes to the suspension which is now a self levelling air suspension system. This will assist the handling and the car will no doubt be a great tow vehicle. The engines offered in the Jaguar XF Sportbrake will be the 2.2 and 3 litre, rear wheel drive through the eight speed gearbox.

With the XF Sportbrake’s launch in the third quarter of 2012, prices and specifications wil be announced during the year.