Winter HIBERNOT BBQ Land Rover Style

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A Winter Feast with Pixie Lott, James Martin and Land Rover – HIBERNOT

North Yorkshire was selected by Land Rover this weekend to hold an outdoor winter BBQ , part of its spirited #Hibernot campaign, encouraging you to embrace the hidden treasures of winter.

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Invited Guests were treated to an acoustic set by singer and Strictly Come Dancing star Pixie Lott. She performed a selection of her hit tracks in the cosy, outdoor setting.

The self-proclaimed ‘petrol-head’ and TV chef James Martin joined in the fun, despite the muddy setting, you can get outside and enjoy the best of Britain’s majestic landscape, regardless of the weather.

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The specially designed winter BBQ menu was developed and cooked live by James Martin himself. The James Martin ‘Land Rover’ burger sat temptingly on the gourmet menu alongside ‘Smokey Mutton Subs’ with crispy lamb breast, chargrilled pineapple with black pepper, rum and maple syrup and a host of other tasty treats to keep guests warmed and comforted.

To help people make the most of the winter months, Land Rover’s #Hibernot hashtag and website, is the key to over 300 recommended winter activities all over the UK.

Broughton Hall, North Yorkshire was the backdrop to the afternoon of good food, fun for all the family and surprise entertainment.

“Barbecuing is one of my favourite types of cooking. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fresh but people would be silly to think it’s only for the summer. As long as you wrap-up warm, you can make some cracking winter dishes on a BBQ! Why not spin the stereotypical Australian beach BBQ on its head and have one in God’s own country. Yorkshire, in winter? It’s been muddy but a lot of fun!”James Martin, TV Chef
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