The New Volvo XC90 Motoring Icon

In Manufacturers by Jonathan Humphrey

In its ninth year of production, Volvo have announced further refinements to the both the exterior and interior of its premium SUV, the Volvo XC90.  The XC90 continues to be a great sales success, having its most successful year ever in 2010.  The new refinements to this still class-leading SUV include more sophisticated lines and materials to give an even more rewarding driving experience.

The XC90 was launched in 2002 and offered a unique blend of attractive styling, practicality and seven-seat versatility that saw it become an overnight hit.  Since then, the XC range has grown with the XC70 and the introduction of the award winning XC60.  In 2010, sales figures for the XC90 grew close to 7,000 units – its best year ever in the UK, and over 37,000 globally.  This year sees it continue to be a strong sales success by being in the top three in its segment in the UK.


The XC90 with the latest refinements will be available to order from late October 2011.

“The XC90 still boasts all the virtues that have made it one of our most successful models ever. The spacious and flexible crossover combines excellent handling and comfort with superior get-you-there ability and flexibility. Now we have upgraded the XC90 with a number of features that emphasise the large SUV’s unique blend of sophisticated elegance and capable ruggedness,” says Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President Research and Development at the Volvo Car Corporation.

Exterior Enhancements
The XC90 is designed to give an elegant, muscular and robust impression, which has been reinforced through a number of refined details.

A new day running light configuration using LEDs in the lower bumper gives the front more character. The redesigned silver metallic bumper bar as well as silver roof rails are now standard on all variants. There is also a new lower door moulding and all XC90 specifications are now fully colour-coordinated.

The new tail lamps have dual light guides, LED brake lights and a silver turn indicator bulb (still with orange light). The latest new features also include a new six-spoke 18-inch wheel in a silver matt finish.

More Luxurious Interior
A number of refinements have been made to give the XC90 interior an even more luxurious feel, including the three-spoke steering wheel, aluminium décor as standard and the watch dial-inspired instrument design with white lighting.

The tailgate, which is divided into an upper and a lower section, now comes with a new, colour-coordinated leather grab handle. The load cover has also been redesigned.

Exclusive Executive version and sporty R-Design
The XC90 is also available in an Executive specification which features a number of exclusive options such as soft leather seats with ventilation and massage, as well as a number of details with a more exclusive finish.

The R-Design version boosts the XC90’s sports appeal and gives the car a more driver-focused character. On top of the special chassis, the new R-design version also features redesigned upholstery, inlays, door panels and new Ixion 19-inch wheels.

Bluetooth music streaming and new mobile application
The Volvo On Call system can now be combined with Bluetooth mobile phone connection. The system has been upgraded with music streaming from a preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player. Volvo is the only car brand to offer Bluetooth music streaming throughout the entire vehicle range.

New too is a mobile application that makes sure that the driver can stay in touch with the parked car via an iPhone or Android smart phone. The mobile application is an extension of Volvo On Call.

Owners of all new Volvos from Model Year 2012 with Volvo On Call can download the mobile application that opens up a range of possibilities, such as:

  • Car locator. The location of the car is shown on a map. There is also a digital compass that points the driver in the right direction.
  • Vehicle dashboard. This feature gives the driver access to a wide range of information: fuel level, remaining range to empty tank, average fuel consumption, average speed, odometer reading and trip meter reading.
  • Car check. The mobile app performs a “health” check of the car, displaying information about bulbs, brake fluid level, coolant level, engine oil level and engine oil pressure.

“Creating an intuitive and ergonomically optimised relationship with the car is part of our aim to offer a feeling of relaxed control. The mobile application is much more than a gadget. It is the first step in our connectivity strategy. We have started to build a bridge to the future – and the mobile app will be extended with a range of possibilities,” says Peter Mertens.