Hybrid is the Way Ahead

In Mitsubishi, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

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Family Business stars in new Video Campaign for Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


A small business, in Northwich, is featured in one of five new films being shown on social media by Mitsubishi Motors in the UK.

The film features ‘The Window Exchange’. Mark Bowler, the Sales Director at the firm, sited at Denton Drive Industrial Estate, agreed to take star in the campaign. A real-life story based on Mark’s happiness with choosing the PHEV.

The family sized SUV, uses both electric and petrol power. Unlike other hybrid vehicles the PHEV can travel 32 miles on just battery power.

The Outlander PHEV makes an ideal choice for business owners. Qualifying for 100 per cent First Year Allowance against business profits. There are also savings on National Insurance contributions and the company car driver saves thousands in Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax. Another real benefit for Mark, is the great savings on fuel costs, when visiting local customers.

“The Outlander PHEV ties in with the efficient, economical credentials of the company and what we want to portray. On top of that, the company will save money, and the important thing for me personally is the five per cent BIK, which saves me thousands. It really is good for us in a number of ways.”Mark Bowler, said

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