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Renault DeZir, the future is nearly here

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Renault has released a glimpse of its emotionally inspired electric car. The Renault DeZir sensuous lines and the redder than red finish expresses passion. Combining an electric motor and love for cars. I love the look of this the originality and inspiration in its conceptualisation and overall design. The first glimpse of the car to the public will be at …

Top Gear Stig in the Dump!

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At an exclusive interview, Jeremy Clarkson, presenter of the BBC’s Top Gear, commented that The Stig has now been sacked. Fighting at a hearing over an injunction by the BBC in the High Court, Ben Collins, a 33-year-old former racing driver, revealed that he was the man known as the Stig. Clearly this has spoilt the illusion for many of …

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Rolling Stones, Minis and motoring pangs

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I have recently been re-acquainting myself with an old favourite. Exile On Main St  By The Rolling Stones turned up in my post-box yesterday, and it hasn’t come out of my CD player yet. A glorious, ramshackle mess of unstructured noise which comes together to form one of the greatest albums of all time. None of the individual tracks were …

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Goodwood – The Moving Motorshow 1st July 2010

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Goodwood Moving Motor Show a new exciting format for your favourite cars. New at Goodwood this year, the day before the Festival of Speed is a dedicated Manufacturer Day – being dubbed the ‘Moving Motor Show’ and being held within the spectacular grounds of Goodwood Park. The exclusive format of the show is an important addition to the Festival of Speed, enabling …

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Strand-Craft SC122 – Bond villains only need apply

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The world is in crisis.  Europe is sinking under a sea of debt, the UK’s budget deficit is nearing £1 trillion and BP is spewing thousands of gallons of Mother Nature’s finest crude all over the Gulf of Mexico.  The people are getting poorer; unemployment is rising, taxes are rising and average incomes are going down. But not everyone is worried.  This year …

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Anthony Reid – A Racer and a Gentleman

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I had the good fortune to bump into race driver Anthony Reid recently. The location – Bournemouth beach. I recognised Anthony and have to admit I was a little awe-struck. For anyone in the know he was at the upper echelons of the BTCC during its heyday; racing Nissan Primeras, Ford Mondeos and MG ZRs. He was runner-up twice – …

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McLaren Automotive confirms its first dealerships

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McLaren is set to open its first 35 dealerships next year, with the launch of its new supercar the McLaren MP4-12C. McLaren have had a lot of interest to sell their cars around the world from the best car retailers. According to Antony Sheriff (Managing Director) “Our business will succeed on our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations – for …