Alpine is back with the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

In Renault, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

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1955 – 2015 the Sixtieth Anniversary of the legendary ALPINE brand


A virtual car has been created for the legendary video game Gran Turismo 6. The new car was a challenge by Polyphony Digital Inc to the team at Alpine. The engineers excited at the opportunity, had the same passion as if it was the creation of a new road car.


The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo brings the Alpine of the 21st century one step closer to fans worldwide. Players can get behind the virtual wheel of the car, a creation that fully embodies the Alpine brand DNA.

A full size model of the car as been built for the Festival Automobile International in Paris on January 27, 2015.

Gran Turismo was launched on Dec 11th, 1999 revolutionising the games industry with a Playstation game selling 11 million copies. Fifteen years down the road the various version of Gran Turismo have now sold marathon 72 million, that was before the latest version Gran Turismo 6 was released in December 2014. With 100 cars and 39 tracks the game has it all.

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“I chose the name Alpine for my firm because for me it represented the pleasure of driving along mountain roads. It was while traversing the Alps in my 5-speed 4CV that I had the most fun. This form of passionate driving experience – that was what my clients had to discover at the wheel of the car that I wanted to create. Alpine is a name that speaks to you, and it also serves as a symbol.”Jean Rédélé, Alpine founder
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