Is There a Twizy Driver in all of Us?

In Renault by Jonathan Humphrey

I am a big fan of the Electric Twizy. Is there not a Twizy driver in all of us, as crazy as this may look, How many drives do you do? How fast do you really go? How far is it to your local shops? How fun is your current car? How much do you want to save on fuel?


It will be interesting to see the take up of this radical new Renault but I am a firm believer for many of us this would suit a good proportion of simple motoring requirements, obviously it won’t replace a larger car for many but just stop smiling and think…believe! Is this a new style of iPod car for the coming years, electric cars are not going away.

The Twizy, Renault’s new two-seater compact EV, is launched in UK showrooms today, priced from £6,690 with a  further cost for Battery hire from £45 per month.


Renault have also launched onto the Twizy scene global ambassadors David and Cathy Guetta appearing online and on the Twizy TV ad.



The radical electric two-seater, is currently only available at the Renault 22-strong network of Z.E. dealers. Where test drives are available now. The other main dealers will be adding demo and display cars later in the month.

The Twizy is just 2.34 metres long by 1.24 metres wide and is designed for a driver and one passenger to sit in tandem. The car is charged using a standard three-pin plug. Full charge takes three and a half hours, costing around £1 with a range of around 60 miles, finally electric motoring is practical for all. Some stranger paid options are available on the car scissor doors, a driver passenger blanket and a 50litre leisure bag. Normal things still are available such as metallic paint, booster seat and alloy wheels.

The Twizy has a top speed of around 50 mph. The bodywork is highly visible in traffic and for protection occupants are protected by a deformable structure, while the outboard position of the four wheels and the lateral beams located either side of the chassis provide protection on either side. There is no requirement to wear protective clothing or headgear in the Twizy.

There is a possibility the new lower powered version for 16 year olds and over, comes into effect in the UK from 19th January 2013, following recent confirmation that a new category of European licence – AM will be introduced.

All in all as a self confessed electric car plughead I cannot wait to see one on the road and smile.


For more information Visit the Renault ZE site and also check out the Renault Zoe