Renault Zoe Preview – The future is here…

In Renault by Lisa Richardson-Humphrey

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”3817″] Renault have announced the 2012 release of the ZOE Preview.  A new 100% electric car that offers a unique all singing all dancing experience with superb environmentally sound credentials. This is a car of the future, protecting the environment by creating zero noise and emitting zero pollutants, whilst also embracing and celebrating the new era of lifestyle enhancing car design. While simultaneously providing cutting edge technology, first-class passenger safety and remarkable road performance, the Zoe is ultimately about driving and feeling alive everyday!


The Zoe pampers, preens and energizes incorporating soft lighting, intelligent technology and innovative sensual design features making it the first ‘ spa car’. Features include a skin hydration climate control system that automatically adjusts the humidity level inside the car to provide the perfect driving environment. A toxicity sensor controls air quality by closing the air vents when necessary to maintain a refreshingly clean and invigorating atmosphere. The scent diffuser delivers journey specific fragrances, to encourage sensations of either alertness or relaxation. The equipment package has been designed to make the occupants feel chilled and awake simultaneously.

Skin hydration: conventional air conditioning systems can have a dehydrating effect onskin during longer journeys, but ZOE Preview’s smart climate control system automatically adjusts the humidity level inside the car to optimise the comfort of its occupants.

Detox effect: a toxicity sensor monitors air quality and automatically closes the air vents if necessary. Harmful substances are trapped in the cabin filter to ensure that cabin air stays clean at all times.

Stimulating or relaxing scent diffuser: an electric system actively releases different scents depending on the needs of the moment (e.g. a relaxing fragrance during the drive home from work or, on the contrary, a scent to stimulate driver vigilance when travelling at night).

The specific audio ambiance, with music selected in partnership with Creative Diffusion, winner of the Qwartz International New Music Awards, envelopes the occupants in this vehicle of a future so close that is already here! The central screen exudes a light that stimulates the occupants’ energy and further enhances the impression of well-being. This feature forms part of a joint-project with the world-renowned light therapy specialist, Philips. The fragrances, the sounds and the light all converge towards you.

The everyday charging option Where?
Using the electricity supply at home or in car parks at the workplace, etc.
-Charging time: between six and eight hours using a wall-box for all Renault Z.E. vehicules, except Twizy that can be charged in 31/2 hours using an ordinary household socket.

For a quick top-up – Where?
Roadside stations, public car parks, service stations, car parks at shopping centres and supermarkets and large retail parks
– Charging time: 30 minutes An alternative to fast-charge points, so-called
«accelerated charge» points will be available to public and private partner organisations wishing to set up a charging infrastructure on their site or on the roadside, etc.

“The Zoe isn’t just a car, it’s a lifestyle choice, a revolutionary driving experience that recognizes the very ‘human desire’ to be protected, protective and nurtured while making the most of and enjoying every moment of life.”

ZOE Preview sends a reassuring, appealing and very different message to anyone who is skeptical about the advent of the electric vehicle! Designed entirely at the Flins plant in France, ZOE will be launched in 2012 at the same price as a Clio diesel.

Technical Specs and Dimensions (mm)

Type : Electric
Transmission Direct drive with reducer and
60/80 forward/reverse inverter
Power EEC (kW/hp) : 60/80
Torque EEC (Nm) : 222
Lithium-ion BAttERy
160 Type Lithium-ion
Top speed (Kph) 135
0-100kph (s) 8.1

Photography by Dimitri Coste