Driving Course a “Wake Up Call,” for Hairy Biker Dave

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Hairy Biker Dave Myers said he is a more careful driver after attending a speed awareness course.

Hairy Biker Dave Myers said a speed awareness course he attended was “a wake up call” which had made him a better driver.

The 56-year-old chef and TV presenter said he was shocked by how much he had forgotten after passing his test 35 years ago.

He joined a group of other drivers and riders on the speed awareness course, held at The Dock Museum in Barrow, run by leading UK road safety education organisation, the TTC Group, on behalf of Cumbria Constabulary.

“I assumed I was in for four hours of being told off. I was wrong. There were about 20 of us, just normal people who had been driving too fast,” said Dave, who appeared this year with partner Si King in their latest popular TV series, the BBC’s Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure, motorcycling through Honk Kong, Japan, Thailand and Korea.

“The TTC tutors Lesley Johnson and Barry Price were excellent and I was shocked at how much I had forgotten in 35 years on the road. It was a wake up call for me not to speed in a 30 limit. A speed awareness course is far better than giving people a fine”.

Dave said it had been a “fair cop” when he was caught earlier this year speeding at 36mph in a 30 limit in Abbey Road, Barrow, which he had mistook for a 40 limit.

“I left, I hope, a more thoughtful, safer and more careful driver. Thank you.”Dave Myers said,
Driving wife Lill’s bright yellow and black Citroen 2 CV, it had been “a minor miracle” to reach such a speed going up the hill, joked Dave, who opted to attend the course instead of receiving three points and a fine.

Alan Prosser, a director of the TTC Group which educates 300,000 UK road users each year, said motorists were often surprised at how much they had forgotten until attending a course.

“We can all benefit from a refresher course at some point to help us remember safer driving skills. This course does that and the vast majority of people who attend, say the same, that it has helped them become more responsible drivers.”

A UK leader in road safety education, the TTC Group run a variety of “diversionary” road safety education courses in nine police force regions.

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