Form Follows Function – The Art of the Supercar

In Supercars by Jonathan Humphrey

Form Follows Function: The Art of the Supercar
Since a small boy I dreamt of Supercars, now a grown man, I still daydream of Supercars. At best now I have the book to satisfy those fantasies, children playing and a moment to catch up.

Over the years supercars have come gone and like paintings and other exotic items they occupy a place in our memory. Some of the finest examples of these have been captured in a unique way in a book by Stuart Codling. This latest book follows on from Art of the Formula One Race Car
and is another collaboration with the award winning photographer James Mann.

Cover Image of From Follows Function The Art of the Supercar

Twenty one exotics have been shot in a bold way on consistent black backgrounds throughout the whole book. The selection of vehicles photographed include quite a few of my all time favourites – The Lamborghini Miura, Lancia Stratos, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, Ferrari 275GTB/4 moving on to more up to date models, such as the New McLaren MP4-12C, Bugatti Veyron and pagani Zonda.

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Codling has added editorial on each of the supercars in an informed and entertaining way that doesn’t detract from the fact the pictures really are superb. Some of the images show details on some cars that no matter how many times I may have seen them, I didn’t notice that.

There are comments throughout the book by Frank Stephenson the renowned automotive designer of many cars including the New McLaren.

A marvelous book for all Supercar dreamers and an exotic book for the less exotic times of today.