Smartphone on wheels Toyota FUN-VII a facebook car.jpg

Smart Idea Toyota Fun-VII Make it Fun to Drive Again

In Toyota by Jonathan Humphrey

A Smartphone Car – Unhappy with the look of your car, Change it – instantly.

The Toyota Fun-Vii Concept car. Something very neat at the Tokyo Motor Show. The whole vehicle body can be used as a display, body colour and image can be displayed at will as easy as uploading to Facebook. The car can reflect your personality and individuality as you drive, every hour, every minute. Possibly not  a good idea after a heavy night, bad day or for road rage sufferers.


The car is being shown at the Tokyo Motor Show this week under a theme of “Fun to Drive, Again”. All aspects of the cars exterior and interior  can display content changeable at will, like a overgrown smartphone. The vehicle looks like a very cool concept with masses of appeal for promotional and commercial applications.

Inside the interior can match your mood, the navigation systems blend in and the car uses a Navigation Concierge with information and guidance through a speech interface. The car is network connected to other systems and able to connect with other vehicles and its surroundings on the move. Warning of hazards or friends you are avoiding can be picked up by the network.


The Toyota Fun-Vii and other Toyota concept cars will be displayed  at the Tokyo Motor Show from 1 December, 2011.