Selling Used Cars Dont forget the pictures

In Used Cars by Jonathan Humphrey

Research from a leading classified Site for Cars proves that alack of images can really help selling cars online

The Motors website surveyed potential car buyers and found that listings selling used cars with at least two images had double the click through rate of vehicles listed online with no images. More than two thirds of consumers said they would not contact a dealer without seeing a picture of the car first.

Potential car buyers are quite selective about the photos they want to see. Seventy per cent want a view of the dashboard, eighty four per cent want to see the interior of the car and eighty five per cent of people expect multiple shots of the exterior. It is also best practice to photograph any imperfections or damage in the interest of transparency.

Andy Coulthurst, MD of Motors said: “In the past, when it cost extra to put a colour image in the local paper, dealers may have thought twice about including a photo with a classified listing. However, in today’s digital society, where people may be buying virtually from anywhere in the country, images are crucial when it comes to generating trust and standing out from the competition. Of course, it isn’t just about having the photos; it is important to think about the quality too. Anyone can take a photo with a smartphone and sometimes that will be good enough. However, a whopping 77 per cent of consumers would be more attracted to a good quality image with a superimposed professional background, rather than a standard image.”

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