VW Microbus, please can we have this now?

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I loved the pictures of this in 2001 when the concept was released for the VW microbus at the North American International Auto Show, based on the VW T5 Light Van. It was scheduled for production in 2003 to be made in Hanover. Sadly the project was cancelled in 2005. Come on VW when this recession finally gets over this still looks more fun for the family than all the Chelsea Tractors and regular people carriers blocking our roads. VW do seem to have a great range of cars today, never owned one myself apart from a 1962 Karmann Ghia. I also helped fix a few beetles with my friends years ago. VW get on with it.  Has anyone seen one, I hear there were a few on the road somewhere? probably in California, still would look good in the west country or I would be happy to see them go past my house.

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