On Drive.co.uk we have had a lot of thought about the best way to display images on our site – 10 second car videos –

The great cars that we photograph and the fantastic images that supplied by manufacturers we now want to bring you in a different format and in fantastic high definition.

Now we will be creating 10 second car videos. The 10 seconds will feature stills and video clips and sounds for us busy people to watch.  Really quickly you can get an idea of a car, the exterior and the interior and all in just 10 seconds.  Ok some of the stills aren’t exactly video but they are a lot easier to watch on mobile devices and we will get more creative as time goes on. To play in HD click to full screen and just change the setting.

What we are thrilled about with 10 second car videos is the images are can be displayed in Full HD quality and the video images can be viewed full screen. (just press pause while viewing the clips to view for longer, or esc to get back to the page).

See more 10 Second Car Videos on our YouTube Channel or throughout the News and Reviews on the Drive.co.uk site

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