Genesis GV70 2.2D, one of the best

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I can’t drive anything else now, exclaimed my wife; I want one

Car Reviewed: Genesis GV70 2.2D

my wife driving a large luxury SUV so enthusiastically was great. And, the best thing about driving a Genesis. Nobody knows what it is and they look fabulous. However, it may all be starting to change.

Genesis is a luxury brand from South Korea, worldwide. They are relatively new, just eight years old and have been available in the UK for over two years. The cars are the result of the luxury arm of Hyundai, which also owns Kia, brands both already doing very well in blighty. The Genesis range worldwide has sold over a million cars in just eight years.

Looking at the GV70, if you rub your eyes, you can see styling cues taken from other luxury cars, but these days, show me a car you can’t. Genesis is carving its niche in the premium market segment in Europe. Wait to see what the future is bringing from Genesis.

The GV70 is one of 6 state of the art models now available in the UK/Europe. Well, I say the UK, design and select your car, order online or visit the rather flashy studios at Westfields/Battersea Power Station or Edinburgh. In 2024, there’s a national rollout and some significant new dealership partners are being added. So watch this space.

This model we were driving was a strange choice, but, being fed up with charging electric cars, a diesel, a fully electric GV70 and a petrol version are also available.

This GV70 is in Brunswick Green, Matt! Paint with black wheels just looked fabulous, slightly like a ‘rapper’ style of car, but look past that, and it just looked so unusually cool.

The diesel SUV produces 207hp from the 2.2-litre oil burner and 440Nm of torque; it is a large car, 4.71m long and a full five-seater. For seven seats, the larger model, the GV80, is available. Genesis has a range where they have covered their bases.

On the road, it’s gratifying; it feels largish, but there are more than enough cameras when it comes to manoeuvrability. There is even remote parking on this model, using the smartphone app to drive it in and out of the garage or tight spaces.

The diesel engine is powerful enough to give a friendly shove with 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds; it’s smooth, not overtly sporty. Chucking a family SUV around is not what it is all about. The all-wheel drive is good and gives added reassuring grip when driving on wet roads or stormy conditions.

The eight-speed auto is well-chosen, relatively silent in operation, and selects gears to maximise economy; it’s always ready for overtaking or quicker acceleration.

If required, there are selectable drive modes, but driving in normal mode does it well enough.

Some cars are becoming more fun to drive at night; the interior illumination on this SUV makes it exceptionally welcoming for a long journey. On the outside, the LED headlights or optional matrix lights do an exceptional job lighting up the dark. The head-up display is very useful.

The Genesis GV70 is expensive but not ostentatiously so and, in many ways, pretty good value. Many good things can be said about this SUV. I will not even comment on the sheer amount of kit available; find me something that needs to be added. The ergo, massaging seats are a necessary addition… luxury is the name of the game and I understand the former design director at Bentley now works at Genesis.

Check out here, the real (works very well) experience of buying a Genesis luxury car – concierge-style, easy test drives, no hassle transparent pricing, delivered to your door, 5-year warranty and servicing with a courtesy car. It sure beats going to the dealership.

Genesis is getting a lot of things right, doing things differently.

Author Rating 4.5/5

Car reviewed: Genesis GV70 2.2D SUV

on the road price £43,825 as tested £58,275

  • 0-62mph 7.9secs
  • Top speed 133mph
  • Engine 2151cc 4 cylinder diesel
  • Fuel Economy WLTP Combined 38-40mpg
  • Max Power 210PS@3800rpm
  • Torque 440Nm
  • Dimensions MM 4715 L/1910 W/1630 H
  • CO2 emissions 185-195g/km WLTP combined
  • Transmission 8-speed automatic AWD
  • Bootspace 542 / 1678 1itres (seats folded)

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