AI want for Christmas, a Dream Garage

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65% said they would consider relocating to have their “dream garage”…

Nearly half of all UK homeowners(42%) say their garage prevents them from pursuing their enthusiasm for automobiles. 65% said they would consider relocating to have their “dream garage.”

At we thought it would be fun to use the latest AI tools to put together a selection of the finest cars in their perfect Dream Garages.

According to exclusive research from eBay, a hydraulic lift and an interior drain for washing cars indoors are two of the most desirable elements of the ideal garage.

Drivers’ ideal dream garage would house the legendary Aston Martin DB5, followed by the Jaguar E-type and the Porsche 911.

Among the most significant online marketplaces for automotive parts in the United Kingdom, eBay has over two million listings for items about the garage:

The most recent data from eBay shows that 65% of UK drivers would be willing to move for the ideal garage and that they would be willing to pay 4.9% more than the asking price for the perfect layout.

Even though 91% of those who took the survey had a garage large enough to fit a car, just 51% actually did so. 60% of drivers said they weren’t making the most of their garage space because of clutter.

Based on the survey of 2,000 automotive enthusiasts, eBay collaborated with the architecture firm Bindloss Dawes to design the ideal garage in the United Kingdom. Custom toolboxes and a hydraulic lift are functional elements of the perfect design that facilitate repairs; a mini-kitchen and jukebox provide food and entertainment for automotive enthusiasts.

The study found that 42% of homeowners believe they cannot indulge their love of cars due to their current garage. If they had a garage, over half of the people who took the survey would be more inclined to own a classic car (64%).

Along with a full complement of hand tools necessary for vehicle maintenance and fine-tuning, the ideal garage in the UK would also feature a spacious tool chest for storage. Car enthusiasts need a perfect storage solution, since eBay has more than 130,000 listings for automotive tools.

The ideal garage would also include a complete body shop, ventilation for spray painting, and built-in drainage so owners can wash their cars indoors.

Additionally, 79% of people would like it if it was soundproof, and 71% would ensure it was environmentally friendly and nice for the neighbours.

According to the poll, the most desired car for the ideal garage by respondents was the classic Aston Martin DB5 (22%), followed by the Jaguar E-type (18%), Porsche 911 (17%), Ford Mustang (17%), and Audi R8 (17%).

A hydraulic car lift, air compressor, tyre changer, charging port, and other features are highly sought after, going beyond simple storage options.


Armoire with plenty of space for tools
Optimal storage solutions for limited space
Top-tier protection mechanism
Cooling cabinet
An assortment of hand tools
Ability to wash your vehicle inside
Automotive charging connector
Superfast internet
Flat tyre repair
Power tool for compressed air
Personalised workstations for tools
Charging port and every socket wrench
Using energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to maintain the ideal temperature for storing automobiles
Illumination for certain tasks
Using a hydraulic vehicle lift
Compact kitchen
An advanced vehicle diagnostic device
Musical instrument
Snooker and pool table

Pit for inspecting vehicles
A watering hole that serves draft beer
Controlled illumination by voice
Complete body workout
Oil and vehicle inspection basin
Ambient illumination
Storage for individual bicycles
A screen and projector for a cinema
Arcade Games
Spray painting and the usage of solvent-based chemicals require proper ventilation.
Wheel balancer
Tools for welding
Disc jockey
Hoists for engines
Pieces of framed art
Newest gaming systems
Recliner by La-Z-Boy
Playing records in the style of Bat Cave

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