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First UK Drives: Honda e:Ny1 Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Honda, SUV by Jonathan Humphrey

The Honda e:Ny1 – Even AI cannot make sense of the name, just call it the latest electric SUV from Honda Car Reviewed: The Honda e:Ny1 Advance reviewed at the first UK Driving launch I can’t say the name enthuses me. Cars often have had silly names, such as the Subaru Brat, Austin Princess or Isuzu Bighorn. Even chatGBT4 doesn’t …

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Škoda Enyaq iV vRS, smooth operator

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Skoda by Jonathan Humphrey

Is the need for speed taking a back seat? Car Reviewed: Škoda Enyaq iV vRS On the road, the coupe is an exciting, refined, smooth-driving car with 299PS, 0-62mph of 6.4s and a top speed of 111mph. However, the performance is slightly underwhelming for the vRS, a tradition for sporting Skodas. However, it does probably feel slower than it actually …

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Zippy and surprisingly good, the Kia Soul EV ‘Explore’

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Kia by Robin Roberts

The Kia Soul EV was the manufacturer’s first contemporary zero-emission vehicle Car Reviewed: Kia Soul EV ‘Explore’ 64kWh 1-speed Auto The original Maxx powertrain has been refined, and we have been testing it with the longer-range 64kWh battery and more powerful 210bhp motor. This combination will prove more suitable for many owners than the medium-range 39.2kWh battery and 134bhp motor …

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The Likeable, Lexus RZ 450e

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Lexus, SUV by Jonathan Humphrey

It’s a pretty sharp-looking SUV, the first all-electric car from Lexus Car Reviewed: Lexus RZ 450e Takumi What attracted me to the Lexus RZ 450e is that it is superbly refined throughout and a peaceful, smooth, comfy cruiser to spend time in. The overall spec of the Takumi model tested is very comprehensive. On the road, the Direct-4 all-wheel drive …

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GMW Ora Funky Cat, a touch of class and charisma

In Electric, Electric cars, GMW by Neil Lyndon

For what it’s actually worth, the GMW Ora Funky Cat is a staggering piece of kit Car Reviewed: GMW ORA Funky Cat Electric Car The lines appear to have been drawn from a European stewpot. There’s a hint of Fiat 500 here, a touch of Mini and a trace of Clio. It may not be exactly original, but it’s undeniably …

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Kia Niro EV ‘2’ you will want one

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Kia by Maggie Barry

I was in a tight spot and in a hurry… Car Reviewed: Kia Niro EV ‘2’ 64.8kWh The dexterity of the Niro was astounding, but I should not have been surprised because everything about this latest offering from the Korean company is tight, compact and incredibly positive. It is yet another step forward in Kia’s continuing drive towards excellence that …

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Toyota bZ4X another fully electric SUV

In Car Reviews, Electric, Electric cars, Toyota by Tom Scanlan

The Toyota bZ4X is an exceptionally good fully electric car with impressive performance Car Reviewed: Toyota bZ4X The bZ4X shows a radical design direction for Toyota featuring a sleek and futuristic exterior with sharp lines and an aggressive stance, the interior is spacious and minimalist with a focus on sustainability. The bZ4X’s design embodies Toyota’s commitment to creating EVs that …