I like this car and willingly could waste my time in it…

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Badge 2010

Alfa Romeo, without Lancia still not available in the Uk, Alfa affectionately remains one my favourite manufacturers and I welcome the new Giulietta.

Alfa Romeo consistently bringing out the most stylish cars on the road, with all the flair expected from the Italians. I remember in the 80’s very nearly parting with some money to buy a 1960’s Giulietta Spider, but its condition was just not good enough for the money, the 50/60’s models will always go down for me as a car I am yet to own.

The Giulietta Register has a great website with a great video of the early cars and ‘Life with a Giulietta’.  The Alfa Romeo Owners Club in the Uk is a very active and fun club and with Alfa Romeo’s centenary this year.

So here we have another beautiful fashion statement and something probably more practical theses days the New Alfa Romeo hatchback the Giulietta, with a choice of three petrol variants and two diesels, with power outputs ranging from 105bhp to 235bhp, with varying perfomances available for all levels of stylish drivers. Still that beautiful grill from the days of old. The coachwork features heavily sculpted sides and those invisible rear door handles, re-appear on this model. The ride is supple and stiff and the cars at all times feel positive with the usual Alfa feeling. Check out the cars at Alfa Romeo Giuiietta

For more information on the older models of the Giulietta.

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