All-New Subaru Outback

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The World’s First Crossover, the Subaru Outback was launched in 1985, a successful combination of passenger car and all-road ability.

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The All-New Subaru Outback sports a new exterior design and a completely revamped and upgraded cabin. The go anywhere nature, do anything qualities have been subtly evolved into an even more spacious, practical crossover.

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The new Outback has been developed to offer space and practicality, with world-class safety, all-conditions and all-terrain versatility, a higher quality cabin, and a more contemporary yet timeless exterior and interior styling. Emissions and economy have been improved across all models.

The new Outback dashboard boasts a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, factory fitted along with the satnav system. The latest works make the car more spacious with greater room throughout the car. Boot capacity has been increased to 559 litres and has a power tailgate.

Subaru have also added a raft of safety technology to the latest model. EyeSight is the Subaru version of advanced collision avoidance technology. This new addition acts as a ‘second pair of eyes’ for drivers, employing stereo colour camera technology to monitor the road and traffic ahead for potential hazards. The first time this technology has been made available in the UK and Europe. The All-New Outback has received the maximum five-star Euro NCAP crash test safety rating.

EyeSight is fitted as standard to every Outback fitted with Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT transmission, and includes six  safety features: Pre-collision Braking, Pre-collision Throttle Management, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure & Sway Warning, Pre-collision Steering Assist and Lead Vehicle Start Alert.

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Two engines are available in the UK – a pair of horizontally-opposed four-cylinder ‘Boxer’ engines, Buyers can choose between a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel, producing 150 PS and 350 Nm torque, or a naturally-aspirated 2.5-litre petrol unit, with power and torque outputs of 175 PS and 235 Nm.

To ensure Subaru’s best-in-class on-road handling, every new Outback model is fitted with Active Torque Vectoring – effectively braking the inside wheels under cornering, quelling understeer and oversteer and allowing a more predictable course through corners.

Now even more capable off-road, with the addition of the new X-Mode control feature on Lineartronic models and carry-over 200 mm ground clearance.

All-New Outback is on sale from April 1st.

Model Price
2.0D SE £28,995 145 F 22E
2.0D SE Lineartronic £29,995 159 G 18E
2.0D SE Premium £30,995 145 F 23E
2.0D SE Premium Lineartronic £32,995 159 G 19E
2.5i SE Lineartronic £28,495 161 G 19E
2.5i SE Premium Lineartronic £31,495 161 G 20E
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