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Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 – A premium pick-up

In Car Reviews, Mitsubishi by Neil Lyndon

“What’s that green sign on the dashboard that says Eco?” asked my wife, in the newest Mitsubishi LS200. “I wouldn’t have thought this was a very environmentally friendly vehicle.” The motor industry may be capable of shameless deceit and breathtaking pretence but – seeing as that indicator was usually showing that the pick-up was doing about 20 mpg – even …

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Ford Transit Connect Sport, a thumbs-up

In Car Reviews, Ford by Neil Lyndon

A little boy walking through our village, on his way to school with his father at his side, stopped stock still on the pavement when he saw the new Ford Transit Connect Sport coming his way. Then he looked at me through the windscreen, grinned from ear to ear, and stuck up his thumb. It must have been the stripes …

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The Nissan Leaf – Immense fun to drive

In Car Reviews, Nissan by Neil Lyndon

Here’s a surprise: the New Nissan Leaf is pretty good to drive in a higher performance style. That’s not something you’d expect to hear every day down at the pub, where they are likely to jeer about milk floats and dodgem cars. Part of the reason is, of course, electric power. With 62Kw instantly on tap from its electric motor, …

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Hyundai Santa Fe Reviewed

In Car Reviews, Hyundai by Neil Lyndon

As I walked away from the Hyundai Santa Fe for the last time, at the end of its week’s press loan, I turned to give it one last look. “You great lump,” I said, affectionately “To look at you, nobody would ever guess how great you are.” Standing as tall as an armoured car on vast Continental 235/55 R19 tyres, …