Battery Charger: CTEK CS ONE

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Spring, time to get the classic car out

Gadget: Battery Charger CTEK CS ONE

The spring ritual is a must for any classic car owner, because when it finally comes to hitting that open road again it’s essential to make sure that your pride and joy is ready, including, say vehicle charging specialists CTEK, making sure your batteries are in tip top condition.  Even if you have ‘winterised’ your classic car as best as you could, it’s still a good idea to check everything over. There’s nothing more annoying than planning that first glorious drive and finding your battery is dead.  

Taking care of a classic car isn’t the same as looking after a new car. Due to the age and condition of different components, classic cars need lots of love and care to preserve the vintage appeal and avoid the deterioration of the original parts. But, as every classic car owner knows, maintaining them is all part of the joy of owning them, and there’s more to storing a classic car than simply parking it in a garage and covering it over for the winter.

Checking the oil level and brake fluid may be simple, checking that the tyres are fully inflated goes without saying, but what about the battery? Classic cars left in storage over winter need a special kind of care and attention. Last summer’s heat may have put strain on your battery without even knowing it, and once your car is in storage, the battery will continue to lose charge if it’s not attached to a smart maintenance charger like the CTEK CS ONE, especially as your vehicle might be still using power in the background, from trackers, alarms and other parasitic loads. And even if you did attach a maintenance charger, consider reconditioning your battery ahead of your first drive of the season.”

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“You want to be ready for the first drive of the season and not face a flat battery after months of waiting in anticipation throughout the winter.” said Mark Poole, Sales Manager for CTEK. “When it’s time to take your pride and joy out of storage you certainly don’t want to find yourself uncovering a flat battery. It’s expensive, time consuming and frustrating.”

Charging any 12V lead acid or lithium battery just got a whole lot simpler with the CS ONE, CTEK’s revolutionary new battery charger and intelligent maintainer with APTO adaptive charging technology, the most technologically advanced charger that CTEK has ever made, which does all the thinking for you – you don’t even have to worry about which clamp goes where!

And if you do fall the unfortunate victim of a flat battery, the CS ONE APTO Technology automatically recognises the type of battery you’re using, and then delivers a customised charging program, telling you how long until the battery is charged and ready to go. The CS ONE has no buttons to press or modes to select – just connect the CS ONE  to any 12V battery and simply charge. 

Mark continued “Whilst it is important to keep your battery charged through the winter months, it’s equally important to continue this throughout the summer too. Charging your car battery at least once a month prolongs its life by up to three times, so buying a reliable battery charger like the CS ONE, and getting yourself into a regular battery maintenance routine, makes perfect sense.”

See the CTEK CS ONE at their Amazon Store Click Here

Engineered for your complete safety and peace of mind, CS ONE features polarity- and spark-free clamps. You will never again have to worry about making a wrong connection, or worry about the clamps touching together whilst connecting. Easy-to-follow countdown LEDs give a visual indication about the time remaining for the battery to be fully charged and even when you can restart a flat battery.

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