Buying a Used Car: Things to Consider

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Buying a used car: Consider these things before making the purchase

The moment you let people know that you are considering buying a second hand car, for whatever reason, you will be deluged with suggestions and ideas – and warnings! Nearly every uncle or workmate will have a horror story about someone having their car budget stolen from them, or being duped into buying a car that lasted only long enough to get it home before falling to pieces on your driveway.

No More Horror Stories

However, you can rest assured that while these things did happen occasionally, today the used car market is a legitimate arm of the car sales business, and you are more likely to find exactly the car you were hoping for and drive it home (and onwards elsewhere for months and years) without any issues or concerns at all! This is because most car dealerships have a used car section for their trade-ins – perfectly good, working vehicles which their previous owners have simply outgrown – if you are in the market for a used car, then take a look at the selection of used cars for sale in Brighton at KAP Motor Group. Check out their website to get a steal for yourself. However, there are always some things that are sensible to be checked only before committing to a purchase.

Test Drive

Never buy a car that you, personally, have not driven. Very often if a vehicle is not in as good a condition as promised by the vendor you will be able to tell, simply by letting the vibrations and ‘feel’ of the car’s motion inform you. Good horse riders will be able to tell if their horses are in a good mood or bad, simply in the way the animal responds to their commands. Cars are not animals (obviously), but that communication is still there for drivers who are alert to it. It can feel like a hesitation when changing gears, a slight sluggishness of response, or a warning note in the engine sound – often these things can be so subtle that you hardly notice them consciously: but you will be left with a strong impression of the car’s performance that you should trust. If you are still new to driving, have an experienced driver that you trust take the test drive for you, and listen to their honest feedback – no matter how much you want the car!

Run the Vehicle’s History

As soon as you can, input the vehicle’s numberplate and VIN into the internet to make sure that the vehicle is legally allowed to be on the road – some unscrupulous scrap dealers patch up written off cars and sell them to unsuspecting drivers. All the information online should line up with the car in front of you and with what the vendor is telling you. If it does not, refuse to proceed with the sale.

Get an Independent Assessment

It might cost you a few pounds, but always have a mechanic on hand to check over the vehicle before you commit to buying. The vendor is always going to make light of any issues, but your independent mechanic will tell you truthfully what work is needed, if any, allowing you to make a truly informed decision about your new car.

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