BMW teams up to present ‘Origins Film Season’ with Picturehouse Cinemas

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To celebrate the launch of the new BMW 1 Series, BMW has teamed up with Picturehouse Cinemas to launch the ‘Origins Film Season’. The film season starting on 19 September, 2011 has been introduced in conjunction with the advertising campaign that uses the ‘Origins’ theme to underscore the variety of model variants in the new 1 Series.

Just as the new BMW 1 Series Sport and Urban models embody different interpretations of one classic design, the film’s curator Mark Kermode has chosen four pairs of films which explore a single unifying theme in distinct ways. The theme ‘A Life of Crime’ is explored with screenings of the classic gangster movie ‘Goodfellas’ and Jean-François Richet’s ‘Mesrine: Killer Instinct’ – two films about men seduced by the mythology of crime. Other themes including ‘Rites of Passage’ and ‘Tricks of the Mind’ are personified with films such as ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’, ‘The Graduate’, ‘Memento’, ‘Adaptation’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and ‘Quadrophenia’.

Film critic Mark Kermode has chosen some of the highlights of the past forty years of film, and each screening will be accompanied by a filmed introduction by Kermode. BMW has had a long association with the big screen from appearing in James Bond films through to supporting art house pictures from fledgling directors and film producers.

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