The Magnificent Jaguar F-Type

Live the dream, hire your dream car, Hire the new Jag F-Type

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Ever fantasised about driving your dream car across Europe for the weekend?

Well now, thanks to Hertz, you can, with the new Jaguar F-Type . Hertz have announced that the new Jaguar F-Type is available in their super car collection series to hire across Europe.

The possibility of renting a dream car for the weekend is exceptionally exciting to many, especially with a car such as the new Jaguar. It gives many a chance to experience what it is like to drive such a beauty, with its raw power and sophisticated curves. The introduction of the car to the rental services gives you the chance to be one of the first to drive it and experience its stunning drive power.

The car is available to rent in the UK and across selected countries in Europe. Many may want to rent this car for just the weekend, simply to have a chance to live the dream and arrive somewhere in style. It will also be a welcome announcement to business owners and entrepreneurs working in the luxury or entertainment industry, who, for arriving in style is a must. The Jaguar F-Type doesn’t just feel great to drive, it also looks great, which is especially important when meeting clients for the first time. Putting any thoughts of business or hard work to one side, it is also a great chance to make a dream come true and simply take a recreational spin for the weekend.

The Jaguar will be joining a new range of super cars on offer to hire from Hertz, the car hire specialists. Other cars on offer include a selection of: Mclaren, Porsche, Rolls Roycs and even the Ferrari. The range opens up a whole new era to car rental, no longer do you need to rely on the simple and efficient, now you can have style as well. The Hertz Company looks set to make many people’s dreams come true with a stunning range of super cars available for short term hire.

The newest addition to the range, the Jaguar F-Type, has been long anticipate and many have been yearning for a chance to drive it. It’s known for its raw power, elegant curves and smooth handling. Why not try it for yourself?

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