Danger! Danger! High crash risk – Drive Safely

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Some men might think they possess driving skills worthy of a starring role in the film the Fast and the Furious, but the truth is male drivers are far more at risk on the UK’s roads than their female counterparts – and unfortunately it’s not just their cars which are being damaged.

Having examined the official facts and figures from the Department for Transport, Autonet Insurance Group is today urging all drivers – and men in particular, to be more safety aware on the roads.

According to the statistics, a massive 76 per cent of road fatalities in the UK each year are male, with 77 per cent of those falling into the 16-59 age group. With men making up over two thirds of the 2538* people who die as a result of accidents on the UK’s roads every year, Autonet are issuing a stark reminder to them to be more conscious of their level of risk, they have also created an Infograph detailing these facts in a visual way.

When driving along in our trusty metal boxes it’s easy to be lulled into feeling safe and secure. And in recent years advances in motor design have helped to make our cars significantly safer – but we remain far more at risk than many of us realise. Did you know that your chances of being killed by lightning are one in 14 million, whereas according to an unearthed DFT study found by The Times the probability you will die in a car crash is a much more real one in 200 possibility.

Despite the dangers on the roads around us, many drivers continue to underestimate the hazards and overestimate their abilities, putting themselves at even higher risk through their own actions. Figures show that drivers who use their mobile phones at the wheel are 2.8 times more likely to have a crash,*** however, tens of thousands of UK motorists continue to be prosecuted for using their mobiles while driving each year.

Glynn Keeling, Managing Director at Autonet, said: “At this time of year as the weather improves driving can become a real pleasure for motorists once again. With driving conditions more amiable than those in recent months it can be easy to become complacent about potential dangers on the road. We are therefore urging all motorists – male and female drivers alike – to be aware of the dangers out there and most importantly asking them not to put their lives and other lives at risk.”

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