The All-New Suzuki Swift Hybrid is Not an SUV

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People want SUVs, but the small car market still has many fans

Car Reviewed: All-New Suzuki Swift 1.2 Mild Hybrid Ultra

The Ford Fiesta, Nissan Micra and Kia Rio have now disappeared from sale. With this in mind, Suzuki has revamped its Swift Hybrid, and as a large manufacturer that still sells small cars, it hopes to capitalise on the situation. The market is currently dominated by SUVs, but it seems that the small car market is still thriving. Suzuki has recently updated its Swift Hybrid as a non-electric small car; it will still be a long time until fully electric cars suit us all.

With 40 Years of the Swift in the UK, the happy team presented the brand positively at the launch of the new car. You may not know that Suzuki is one of the top ten manufacturers in the World. They have 1.5% of the UK market, and the popular S-Cross has helped with doubling their UK share of the market.

Looking after their customers is key and Suzuki regularly wins at the Institute of Customer Service Awards, being no 1 for four years running.

Suzuki still needs an EV in its lineup. With the electrification of its cars underway, the first one will be brought to the UK in 2025, and five electric cars from Suzuki will be available by 2030.

Let’s get back to the new car. It needed an upgrade, and that is precisely what has been done with the Suzuki Swift Hybrid, now in its fourth generation.

The exterior design is easy on the eye and the front design, with its tidy clamshell bonnet and light signature, is modern and attractive. The car is a tad longer and taller than its predecessor.

There are two models available, Motion and Ultra, both highly specced with adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and start, satellite navigation, parking sensors, camera, lane departure, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind spot monitor.

The new Swift is powered by a more (8%) efficient 81hp, 3-cylinder 12V mild hybrid. Later this year the optional Allgrip Auto 4WD will be available and there was a mention of a more powerful Swift Sport model coming down the line.

With 0-62mph in 12.5 seconds, it is not quite as nippy as the car it replaces, Suzuki, has focused on economy improvements (around 50mpg up to 64.2mpg) and lower emissions (99g/km). However, it can be fun to drive and feels good on the road, although noisier when pushed harder, but generally, noise levels aren’t too intrusive. The five-speed manual gearbox is slick and easy, but you may find yourself using the gears frequently to make more rapid progress.

The interior has been updated but still incorporates an abundance of black plastic, which some countries in Suzuki’s markets love. One benefit is that it is easy to clean. Buttons for the operation of most things are still welcome. The touchscreen for many operations is easy and intuitive to use. Boot space is just 265 litres, increasing up to 589 litres with the rear seats down, for those trips shopping or to the garden centre.

With nine million Swifts sold worldwide, Suzuki is set to continue the trend it has long created with this fourth generation supermini. The 7-year service-actuated warranty in the UK can only make it more attractive for buyers. Each year you service the car with Suzuki, the warranty gets extended by 12 months up to seven years/100,000 miles.

The new Suzuki Swift, with its improvements in emissions and economy, is an honest, well-priced, good-looking, slicker-than-before offering. However, it is not electric, which for some is still the right decision.

Author Rating 4/5

Car Reviewed: Suzuki Swift 1.2 Mild Hybrid Ultra

on the road price as tested £21,049

  • 0-62mph 11.9secs
  • Top speed 105mph
  • Mechanical 1.2-litre 3-cylinder mild-hybrid
  • Fuel Consumption 64.2mpg combined
  • Max Power 82ps@5700rpm
  • Torque 112Nm@4500rpm
  • Dimensions MM 3860 L/1735 W/1495 H
  • CO2 emissions 99g/km
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual / CVT Auto also available
  • Bootspace 265 / 589 1itres (seats folded)

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