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Using household products on cars can lead to paint damage that costs thousands to repair.

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The aftermath of using these unconventional cleaning methods can be financially devastating. Repairing the damage can set you back a significant amount, with a typical family-car respray costing between £2,000 to £5,000. This hefty price tag is a stark reminder of the importance of using the right products for car maintenance.  According to Laura Fippen, Head of Technical Services at …

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MOT Brake Testing: What is Tested and How?

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Back in 1960, the original MOT had just three items on the checklist: steering, lights and brakes. Interior checksThis requires the MOT inspector to examine the interior of the car’s cabin, checking that seats are securely fixed, that seatbelts are present and in good working order, and so on. Levers and buttons are also checked to make sure they work …

New Potholes taskforce welcomed

In Maintenance by Jonathan HumphreyLeave a Comment,  has welcomed news that a new taskforce comprising councils, utility companies and business representatives has been set up to reduce the cost and disruption caused by roadworks. However the website, set up by automotive warranty specialist Warranty Direct in 2007, maintains that greater investment is still needed across the board to bring the UK’s crumbling road network up to …