When is a Lancia not a Lancia – When it’s a Chrysler

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Unbeatable Lancia IntegraleIt seems the Lancia Chrysler Debate is on.  My Favourite Car Brand Lancia. What happened?… 3 Integrales, Delta 1.3, a Beta Coupe, Y10, several Fulvias and a rusted out Flavia I invested heavily in the Elefantino Rosso – I heard a rumour pre-recession that Lancia were to make it back to Blighty as Lancia were earlier ousted out by Alfa Romeo, a supposedly more luxury division in the Fiat Empire.  

Today, now to be told when a Lancia is a Chrysler, of course!  I am quietly sort of glad to see the Lancia Brand reaching these shores again even if in some fancy dress and without the awesome performance of my cars of old.

Elefantino Rosso HF Badge Lancia - Chrysler.jpg

The Lancia image now becomes a historical Badge of Honour in the UK. Quite a dismissive view of the whole Lancia ethos. Lancia was a mega-brand in the UK just switching badges does not bring success automatically.

Chrysler Brand President and Chief Executive Officer Saad Chehab jetted in for the launch of the US carmaker’s new Ypsilon and Delta models. Now available in the UK.

The Ypsilon and Delta are Lancia’s wearing a Chrysler badge and Chehab sees this as a big opportunity.

He commented: “These days Apple is perceived as a top US brand, yet most of its products are made in China. The Ford Fiesta which does so well in the UK and US is built in Germany, Buicks are Opels. There is a much bigger acceptance amongst consumers.

“We want to be seen as a Cool brand and this is a good opportunity for us. The cars have the looks and price appeal. We are looking for customers who are not locked into a brand. I am most excited by opportunity in the UK which I see as an extension of the US. Bridging the classes, Cool and Confident.”

Saad Chehab Brand President of Chysler not Lancia“Lancia and Chrysler are both the third child in their families which allows them to innovate and do crazy things, This is another new start for Chrysler,” said Chehab.

Drive.co.uk response “Yes and possibly a great new start for Lancia Chysler in the UK but please don’t get it wrong again and can we have the badges back and we still want the NEW Fulvia”.



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