Award Winning Citroën C4 Picasso

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C4 Picasso review, Family Load Lugger is a Real Success

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It’s really not hard to be enthusiastic about this car. It may not be one of those glamorous SUV school runners, the new kids on the block. It is a truly useable family car, a really useful people carrying MPV, with more space than a regular estate car.


After a first drive of this C4 Picasso, it’s hard to ignore, just how much equipment, how well designed it is and just how well the C4 Picasso can do what it is good at – being an ultimate family car. The model driven was the C4 Picasso Exclusive+ e-HDi.

With CO2 at 105g/km meaning no road tax, VED band B and fuel economy at an achievable up to 70, yes 70 mpg. Performance is more than adequate from the 1.6 diesel with a top speed of 118mph and 0-62mph in 11.8 and more room than you’ll ever need this side of springtime.

It’s not bad a looking car either, the smart 17” anaconda alloy wheels and the rather cool Xenon headlights complete the package outside, although I see the lights are a £750 but, must have option. From most angles it is sharp looking and well built. It’s no surprise it has been the multi-award winning MPV this year. What Car? Best MPV, Auto Express Best MPV, Tow Car Award Best MPV, Best MPV Diesel Car Magazine, BBC TopGear Magazine ‘Family Car of the Year’…the list goes on.

The refinement in the ride, handling, driving and braking are thoroughly good. Vision isn’t limited too much with thin pillars and good sized mirrors. When it comes to parking the vehicle the 360 degree with park assist pack make it a breeze, even in the smallest parking places. The 360 degree parking gives an inside camera view as if standing on the roof, a highly useful, what a bonus, it is possible to park the car easily in the tightest spaces, or just use the automatic parking assist. For safety, the lane departure assist features a rather novel tug on your shoulder by the seat belt.

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The electric amber black/nappa leather sets were completely adjustable with built in massage and heating, the gold… appearance of the dashboard, took a little while to get used to, overall the effect of the interior was fresh and well put together.

This car stays dust free inside, after quite a few miles on my test week, the interior looked as clean as it arrived, once I had removed the crips bags and sweet wrappers. I don’t know what Citroen has done here, but dust free and spotless made it a joy, there must be some extra filter somewhere. The lighter colours and textured designer plastics and other materials surely helped, although I am confirming if this is due to the optional serenity pack.

The dashboard incorporates a 12 inch panoramic HD colour display matched to a 7 inch touch screen interface. All vey clear and easy to operate making the navigation, radio, satnav and climate settings a breeze. The dual screens are a real feature of the dash and a centrepiece. You can even add your favourite photos and change the look of the dash colouring.

Did I mention how big it is with the seats down, enormous and if you want even more there is the C4 Gran Picasso Model.

Citroën with their current range and this C4 Picasso, are at the cutting edges of design, possibly even more so with the stylish DS range. Looking for a sensible family car, this is certainly worth a look.

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Citroën C4 Picasso Exclusive+ e-HDi 115

Price: £24,210 Price of test car £28,055 included Metallic Paint, Amber/Black Leather, Xenon Headlights, Park Assist and Serenity Pack.

Engine: 1.6litre, inline, transverse, turbocharged, 4 cylinder diesel
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Rated Output: 114hp @ 3600rpm
Torque: 270Nm @ 1750rpm
0-62mph: 11.8 seconds
Top speed: 117mph
Fuel economy urban/extra-urban/combined: 62.8/74.3/70.6 mpg
CO2 emissions: 105 g/km

Length – 4428mm
Width – 2117mm inc mirrors
Height – 1610mm
Weight – 1298kg

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