Fiat 500 Vintage’57 Even More Retro

In Fiat, Short Cuts by Jonathan Humphrey

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New FIAT 500 VINTAGE ’57 a celebration of the original 1957 car


Set to debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (March 3). The VINTAGE ’57 is a contemporary interpretation, taking the design cues that gave the original Fiat 500 its distinctive identity.

The Vintage’57 is finished in pastel colours with a contrasting white roof, spoiler, antenna and mirror covers. A really distinctive element of the new FIAT 500 VINTAGE ’57 is its 16-inch vintage alloy wheels, similar in appearance to the original 500 but updated and refined for contemporary tastes. The wheel centres once again feature the historical FIAT logos.


The retro theme of the FIAT 500 VINTAGE ’57 continues inside with a white dashboard, historic FIAT logo in the steering wheel boss and tan-coloured Poltrona Frau leather seats with ivory leather ‘half-moon’ inserts and “500” embroidery in tan.

There’s nothing retrospective about the FIAT 500 VINTAGE ’57’s equipped with all the usual Fiat 500 connectivity and other tech. The car will be available with the petrol-powered 69hp 1.2-litre as well as the award-winning 0.9 TwinAir 85hp turbo petrol engine.

Pricing for the FIAT 500 VINTAGE ’57 will start from £12,545 when it goes on sale in April.

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