More than 6000 CITROËN 2CVs at Amis de la 2CV the Biggest 2CV meeting in the World

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Citroën 2CV Still Breaking Records

Over 6000 Citroën 2CV’s are meeting at Salbris in Central France this week. The 19th International “Amis de la 2CV” is to set a new attendance record. The 2CV meet from 26 to 31 July, is on a 60-hectare site in Salbris in central France.

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Some of the Citroën 2CV advertising images.

Most of Europe’s 2CV clubs will be taking part in this the biggest Citroën 2CV event ever held. Citroën will be displaying 4 pre-war prototypes and putting on a number of events and exhibitions for visitors and owners of this unique vehicle. Citroën will also present the Citroën REVOLTe concept car, a great loooking chic city car combining luxury and technology and cleverly inspired by the 2CV silhouette.

citroen 2VC from BerkshireI am sure a great time will be had by all at Amis de la 2CV, take it easy Bill a 2CV addict from Berkshire and others on their way from the Club Totally 2CV in Berks, Hants.

FACTS: CITROËN 2CV: Still the most-produced Citroën in history

The specifications for the “TPV” project initiated in the 1930s read as follows: “transport four people and 50 kilos of potatoes at a top speed of 60 km/h”. Launch was planned for 1939 but delayed by the outbreak of war. All the vehicles that had already been built were destroyed, expect for three cars that were hidden during the war and an additional model that was kept by Michelin®. The 2CV was finally unveiled at the 1948 Paris Motor Show. It went on to enjoy a fantastic career, with 5,114,940 units sold between 1948 and 1990, 1,246,335 of them vans.


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