is Driving in the 2011 Future Car Challenge in the Car Reviewed by James May on TopGear Enters the RAC Future Car Challenge in a Peugeot iOn City Car

In Driving in the UK by Jonathan Humphrey is excited to announce it is Driving a Peugeot iOn for Peugeot UK in the RAC Future Car Challenge on 5th November 2011.

The car driven by Jonathan Humphrey and Lisa Richardson will be a Peugeot iOn winner of the 2011 Green Car ‘City Car award’ it is a zero Emission EV fully Electric car. The iOn uses all the latest technologies to reduce emissions offering a silent drive with maximum power available instantly. The Peugeot iOn is the car tested on TopGear by James May earlier in the Year in Drives Peugeot iOn in RAC Future Car Challenge

He also went on to say – “After his ‘gruelling’ experiences of Electric Vehicles at Ecovelocity and after driving in the RAC Green Grand Prix at Silverstone in October I am hoping to put the iOn through its paces albeit slowly and be a serious contender for the Challenge”.

The RAC Future Car Challenge is now featuring more than 70 cars from Pure Electric EV, Extended-range E-REV, Hybrid HV,HEV, PHEV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell HFEV or Internal Combustion Engine ICE up to 110g/km.

href=””>Lincoln. Having been excited about electric vehicles for a long time Jonathan says ” he is out to show that these vehicles can be a serious alternative to fossil fueled cars”.

The Challenge is to drive the vehicle the 60 miles from Madeira Drive Brighton to London Regent Street using the least juice. The time given is between 2hrs 45 mins and 3hrs 30mins.

There are seven categories of vehicle in the Future Challenge from small passenger city cars to sports cars and light commercial vehicles. The route covers the same route as the London to Brighton Run in reverse. The cars will be arriving at Regent Street during the morning for the Regent Street Motor Show. Regent Street will be closed for the day featuring all the cars from the Future Car Challenge and the following days London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

Drive would like to thank Kevin Jones at Peugeot Motor Company PLC  for the opportunity.