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Great news for all FairFuelUK Campaign Supporters

FairFuelUK have just been notified that there will be “the FairFuelUK debate” in the House of Commons on Tuesday November 15th. After everyones hard work this is great news.

The FairFuelUK Campaign team wishes to thank Natascha Engel MP, Chair of the Back Bench Business Committee. She schedules Government time to such important issues for debate. Natascha has responded very quickly to the intense pressure the campaign and its supporters has put onto all MPs and her Committee in the last few days.

We have all worked hard to get the 100,000 FairFuelUK ePetitioners, our 200,000 FairFuelUK website followers and the 11,000 supporters who rallied to email their local MPs over the last weekend. Without this pressure, we may have not got the debate. Well done everyone involved! Now Please Lobby your local MP to attend the Debate.

FairFuelUk Debate in the House of Commons Nov 15th

Many thanks too, to Robert Halfon MP and his team for driving through the ePetition and the motion to be debated through the Back Bench Business Committee process. This was not an easy task.

This is of course just the beginning in the Campaign for lower fuel duty and prices. There is still a long battle ahead. SO, please lobby your MP to attend this debate. We do not wish to see any empty seats in the House on this momentous FairFuelUK day.

Please  sign this petition and Zero Rate the VAT on heating Oil in the UK, Oil prices doubled last year and this winter they are predicting further increases Sign the petition here