Economy Driving at the MPG Marathon

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On October 5-6th Britain’s most popular economy driving event, the MPG Marathon is being held.

MPG Marathon drivers show their economy driving skills around a 380-mile route, starting and finishing in South Cerney, near Cirencester.

Economy Driving at the MPG Marathon 2011Ross Durkin event organiser is expecting one or more competitors to drive an elusive 100 miles per gallon this year  – This so far has never before achieved in the MPG Marathon’s eleven-year history.
In these times of rising petrol and running costs smarter driving is the best way to take away some of the pain. The MPG Marathon demonstrates that fuel bills, maintenance costs, accident rates and driver stress levels can all be reduced through the use of easy-to-learn driving techniques.

Ross Durkin said: “With energy costs rising across the board, it’s not surprising that motorists are increasingly looking for ways to get more miles out of every pound spent on fuel. The motor manufacturers have done a fantastic job of improving the fuel efficiency of their cars, but let’s not overlook the fact that the use of certain smarter driving techniques can significantly reduce the amount of fuel used on a journey. Savings of up to 20% are quite achievable.

This year the event already has a record number of entrants and drivers who would like to take part can still register their interest via the MPG Marathon web site.

The new MPG Marathon site offers useful tips and advice on all aspects of economy driving.

Start Here your economy driving here with this Useful Guide

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