Get in the Mood, drive efficiently and increase MPG by up to 27% with Skalene Black Box

In Driving in the UK by Jonathan Humphrey

Any savings in MPG with the cost of fuel at todays prices cannot be ignored. Skalene Technologies have developed a low cost next-generation vehicle monitor. The innovative black box will save fuel by up to 27% and improve safety. The gadget uses a simple Mood Light, which indicates to the driver their performance behind the wheel. The mood light colour is determined by the combined data, various schems are possible, most used will be hte driving quality over the previous seconds. A red display will show extreme situations

The device can store up to one years worth of data and can record and measure up to 30 parameters including speed, fuel, airbag, revs and car motion. The details are measured up to 100 times per second the information is available in a simple and helpful way.

Efficient Driving Aid Skalen Black Box with mood light feature


The device is designed to be inexpensive, ‘fit and forget’ and easily installed by the driver. The gadget immediately offers the driver information on fuel savings. The data is stored on a handy memory card or can be accessed by wifi. The concept was born when Skalene were involved in funded project by the Technology Strategy Board to develop a low cost vehicle monitor. Sensors are in place that can capture, acceleration, rotation, speed, braking , deceleration and cornering levels.

Julian White Co-Founder of Skalene Technologies said:  “Drivers will be able to improve their efficiency and safety. This will not only mean lower fuel costs but also they could be rewarded by lower insurance premiums, as these will be based on their performance not just an average for drivers of their age.”

The Black Box gives more incentive for careful driving and is applicable to all drivers, lorries, taxis and van drivers. In addition the box offer insurance companies the ability to score customers based on driving styles abilities and habits. The box can provide unequivocal evidence of this. In accidents the box will record until the power fails supplying invaluable data in determining reasons for an accident.

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