More Education Needed on Winter Tyres

In Tyres by Jonathan Humphrey

In a bid to reduce accidents on the roads in the UK leading tyre manufacturer Goodyear found 1 in 4 motorists could not explain the differences and advantages between summer and winter tyres. It is simple -The best time to fit Winter tyres or all weather tyres is when the temperature drops consistently below 7 degrees C. The softer compounds in the tyres give considerably increased grip in wintery weather on wet roads on snow and ice.

VW equipped with Good Year Ultra Grip 8 WInter Tyres

The One Poll survey revealed out of 4000 motorists half believed winter tyres are only needed when it snows. 67% went on to reveal they wouldn’t buy winter tyres even though driving through the winter was scary or nerve racking for them. In accidents over the winter months it is likely 1 in 5 accidents drivers reported it could have been attributed to their tyres. This year with reduced spending across County Councils in the UK the roads are more dangerous.

Marketing director at Goodyear UK, Eddy Geerdink, said: “These results are what we anticipated but clearly show that more needs to be done to educate consumers about winter tyres.

“Despite the market more than doubling for winter tyre sales in the UK, it is evident that the benefits of winter tyres have not been clearly outlined to all drivers and there are still many misconceptions.

“In short, winter tyres are suitable for any road conditions below seven degrees centigrade. Not only do they give motorists peace of mind when driving, but the safety benefits far out weigh any short term cost implications.

“Over the last few years, British winters have become harsher, taking their toll on drivers and their vehicles. We want to stress the importance of preparation and ask motorists to take action and ensure they are ready for winter.”

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