Let’s Drive the Future the UK needs VAT exemption on EVs

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image of quentin wilson drive the future campaignThe Government is being called on today to suspend VAT on Electric Cars, journalist QuentinWillson supported by the RAC is requesting this review to stimulate consumer demand and encourage more investment in electric vehicle industry and development in the UK.

Willson’s Drive the Future green motor show being held at Motorexpo in London’s Canary Wharf is opening the doors to electric cars this week. A World first, Drive the Future is the only motor show where ordinary motorists can ride and drive in electric, hybrid and high mpg cars, absolutely free.

Willson says: “While the Government gives £5,000 grants for EVs, they’re still far too expensive. Clawing back thousands of pounds of that grant in VAT isn’t helping. We need to create demand among consumers and confidence for investors. The UK must lead the World in green car technology before the Chinese beat us to it.”

Suspending VAT on electric car sales would reduce some showroom prices by as much as £5,000 and bring the cost of EVs much closer to conventional cars. Renault’s moves in France with their upcoming range and ev charging infrastructure are putting us to shame. With only 500 EV’s sold this year, it is not surprise I have still only seen them at shows. These cars need to be cheaper to develop the EV industry. Yes there are still issues with batteries but for many drivers these cars will suit many people and reduce their motoring costs significantly.

charging point for an ev

Willson continues to say that if the Government is really behind de-carbonising road transport, suspending VAT would send a clear signal to buyers, car makers and investors that new tech cars such as electric models are here to stay. Perhaps a sensible EV scrappage scheme would help move it forward with fuel costs so high.

Adrian Tink, strategist at the RAC, says: “This is about making green cars more affordable, creating jobs, cleaning our air and giving drivers’ confidence to make more fuel-efficient car-buying choices. The RAC strongly support this call for action.”

The Drive the Future Car Show is a unique free ride and drive green motor show held at Motorexpo in London’s Canary Wharf from 6th to 12th of June. The RAC are sponsors of the ride and drive route which allows members of the public to drive EVs, hybrids and high mpg cars for the first time.


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