Lincoln on Full Charge for EV Owners – EV Charging now Available

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New charging installation to be dedicated to Top Gear after show highlighted lack of EV infrastructure in the city.

Twin charging points are to be installed in Lincoln one for each presenter and will be located in the city centre, a worthwhile attempt by Nissan to answer the problem in one UK city.

Nissan is funding the installation of Lincoln’s first publicly available electric vehicle charging point. After the recent Top Gear programme highlighting the lack of charging point in the East Midlands city.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May took the wheels of 2 electric vehicles and drove into the centre of Lincoln in an attempt to find somewhere to charge their cars. I feel this lack of any charging infrastructure seem to be rife, take your car anywhere outside of major cities charging points just aren’t available. Local Councils really need to buck up. After reviewing my local County Council website in West Berks recently I couldn’t even find a mention to electric vehicles or anything related to charging them. Come on England these charging points are needed now, in all towns, right down to every village. Well done Lincoln EV charging is now available after Top Gear pointed it out. It’s no wonder people won’t buy the cars, although at least from the MINI and BMW research it seems charging EVs at home work well and the cost savings are there for all drivers. Now we just need cheaper electric cars to suit our EV lifestyles and NO VAT added on top. and, and OK! longer lasting batteries and cheaper electricity without 15% increases.

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