Back in the days when Racing a Volvo Estate was a good idea

Back in the days when racing a Volvo Estate was a good idea

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Touring Car Legends ITV4 commissions new primetime documentary series coming soon

The new three-part documentary series charts the history of the BTCC British Touring Car Championship

 The series will look back at the history of touring car racing in Britain, mixing archive footage with bespoke interviews with key drivers, team members and motorsport pundits.  It will tell the story of the British Touring Car Championship from its beginnings in the 1950s through the major shake-ups of the 1980s and the so-called golden years of mainstream popularity in the early 1990s, to the cars and characters that make the championship what it is today.


John Claridge, Head of Programme Strategy, ITV4, said: “ITV4 has a solid track record of screening exciting sports documentaries and is synonymous with televising touring car racing in the modern era so we’re excited to bring this new series to viewers’ screens. It goes through the archives to show just how exciting ‘tin-top’ racing has been over the last 60 years and I’m delighted Gaucho will bring the stories and highlights to life for us.”

Alistair Weaver, Executive Producer, Gaucho Productions, said: “I fell in love with motorsport watching the likes of Andy Rouse, Steve Soper and John Cleland doing battle in cars that looked a bit like the one Dad drove. The British Touring Car Championship has always been about the cars and the characters and with the passage of time we plan to offer fresh insight into what really happened in some of the sport’s most memorable moments.  We’re delighted that we are able to bring these stories to life and share them with the dedicated fans of ITV4.”

Touring Car Legends is scheduled to debut on ITV4 in the winter months.

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