When Driving, How well do you know Your Highway Code?

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The Goodyear Blimp 2001 Safety Together The Lack of knowledge over the Highway Code is seriously putting lives at risk in the UK.
A new survey conducted by Goodyear has revealed. Results from a group of 5000 motorists confirmed a large percentage could not answer correctly knowledge and picture questions from the Highway Code.

Goodyear has launched a safety together campaign to coincide with the launch of the Goodyear Blimp which has been seen over the skies over the UK and Europe.

54% of drivers did not know to stop when a traffic light shone red and amber lights together.

48% of those surveyed did not know that the typical stopping distance for a car traveling at 50mph is 53 metres of 13 car lengths. 20% believed they could get away with 36 metres.

When asked what the no-overtaking sign meant, worryingly 23% got it wrong and over 75% assumed that the 30mph minimum speed sign actually indicated the maximum speed allowed.

All of these are of serious concerns and you can only imaging the implications of getting this wrong. The results showed many drivers in the country are out of touch with the rules of the road, 95% believed their knowledge was good enough and 40% do not think a re-test is necessary. Even more of a concern to Goodyear is with worn tyres the implications could be disastrous or fatal.

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Purchase a copy of the Highway Code and Test your knowledge, or for a fun way to test yourself try the Highway Code apps for iPad or iPhone. The app features the latest theory tests for the UK with the Official questions used in the test.

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