The Fiat 500 L the Living MPW

FIAT 500L MPW Living the Dream

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Fiat has released the first pictures of its spectacular 5+2 Seater Fiat 500L MPW Family Car

The New Fiat 500L MPW,  known as ‘Living’ in the rest of Europe. The car brings a full 5+2 seater with a length of just 4.35 metre to the Fiat 500 range. With a load capacity of 638 litres the highest in the segment. The car is the new agile and compact family car we have been waiting for from Fiat, a comfortable and capable station Wagon, filling the gap since the likeable Multipla expired.

The new FIAT 500L MPW will have its world preview in July on the sixth anniversary of the 500 family.  A development of the highly successful 500 launched in 2007. Fiat says. : “This new car is for living life to the full, a car which reaches out directly to a diverse public, attentive to new features and looking for a balance of functionality and design, to make room for their many interests and intended uses without compromising on style”.


The new Fiat has all the charm of the 500, the agility of a city-car, is as compact as a mid-size car, has the comfort and contents of a C-segment station wagon or saloon and the space and the versatility of an MPV. These are the ingredients of a new conception of the car, which is not based solely on technical specifications, but also on how it is experienced in life, to create a magic combination.

The 500L MPW is therefore the perfect marriage of effective use of space and unmistakeable ‘made in Fiat’design. With an additional third row of seats, the new car is the most compact ‘5 + 2-seater’ MPV in its segment: it is 435 cm long, 178 cm wide and 167 cm high. What’s more, despite being 20 cm shorter than a C-segment Station Wagon, the Fiat 500L MPW ensures exceptional values in terms of comfort, space and load capacity, as demonstrated by a volume of 638 litres.

The new model therefore assumes its position as the first car for the whole family which reaches out to all consumers, able to win over both men, thanks to its characteristics of functionality and efficiency, and women, due to its beauty, intelligence and style. And it’s bound to please children as well: to their eyes it will be attractively spacious. In short, the Fiat 500L MPW  is the superlative expression of Fiat’s characteristic ingenuity in creating vehicles that make everyday life more simple, and a bit more fun as well.


At launch, the Fiat 500L MPW will be equipped with two petrol engines – 95 HP 1.4 16v and 105 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo – as well as two turbodiesels: 105 HP 1.6 MultiJet II and 85 HP 1.3 MultiJet II, the latter also with automatic transmission.

The range includes two trim levels (Pop Star and Lounge), both with 5 or 7 seats, 19 body colours (including 11 two-tone combinations) and 6 interior trims, 15 different types in terms of alloy wheels and hub caps: in total, no fewer than 282 combinations are possible. The new Fiat 500L MPW offers equipment worthy of a higher segment, as demonstrated by the new leather interiors, integrated navigation system and rear camera to assist with reversing manoeuvres.


The Fiat 500L MPW will be produced in the new Serbian factory at Kragujevac, while orders will open in July in Italy, to be extended progressively to the other countries of Europe.

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